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Why Does The Price Of The NdFeB Segment Segment Fluctuate Continuously
Jul 07, 2017

Why does the price of the NdFeB Segment Segment fluctuate continuously

Because the needs of the market also because of the difficulty of the mining right now, now in the market have been great changes in the price of the summary section, may be you can buy this month to the relatively high cost performance NdFeB Segment, but by the next month may appear NdFeB Segment period of price increases. Because NdFeB Segment prices and a number of factors have direct connection, such as quality, brand has a very big relations, said if we only pay attention to the price, so regardless of the brand and quality all sorts of problems, such as price nature is very cheap, but it can't guarantee the quality of summary paragraph.

Therefore, the choice of ndfe-boron segment is a natural way to get to this point, otherwise it is only to say that if the price of the nd-b section is cheap, then the proposal should not be bought. Enterprises in the use of NdFeB Segment need comprehensive consideration of its price and value, some NdFeB Segment period of price is very attractive, but its quality is very general, or after-sales service, all choices should pay more attention to the factors. It is recommended that you can select a few magnet manufacturers when choosing the product, and choose the most suitable for the nd-iron boron section in the comparison. When choosing, still can ask the person next to whether have this aspect of contact, have words can ask more to seek, to oneself always have the advantage.

In addition to the summary of the price if you are not very understand, there are also websites related to every aspect of it information comparison, or inquire bond magnet manufacturer, in finding and actual contrast you can reduce a lot of hidden trouble when buying.

Is it corrosive if you use magnets outside?

The NdFeB Segment is vulnerable to corrosion. The iron in the name, and the rust! Many of our magnets, nickel, zinc, gold or epoxy paint, are protected against moisture. If the coating is damaged (in the case of a regular surplus magnet), the magnet will rust and if exposed to water or humidity. If this is your concern, you can easily add another protective layer, impregnated with epoxy or plastic coated magnets.

I have learned about the patent issue of the nd-fed-boron section. Do you apply for a magnet license?

The NdFeB Segment is a relatively new invention - they were first sold in 1984. General motors holds patents, and some hard disk drive manufacturers are indeed suing over the use of unbranded NdFeB Segment Segments. Since then, the patent has been sold to sumitomo merchants, who are easily licensed to provide magnets to magnets around the world. All nd-ferroboron magnets are currently under international patent protection. All of our magnets, whether new, legal, licensed, or from different industries.

How is the magnet made? Can I have them at home?

Manufacturing: NdFeB Segment is a complex manufacturing process. The powder form of the nd-boron material packaging, mould, then sintering. Non-magnetized "magnets" then form the correct size and plating. Magnetization, which is placed in a very expensive machine, generates instantaneous magnetic field power, using high voltage capacitance discharge and coil. The polarity of the finished magnet depends on how it is facing the magnetizing machine, and how to face the mixture in sintering. This makes domestic manufacturing impossible. However, you can make simple steel magnets in your home. Taking nails and strokes and a powerful NdFeB Segment Segment 20 or 30 times, it always has only one moving magnet on the nail. In prestow, nails are magnetized and the market is very weak.

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