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What Magnet Should The Motor Use? How Much Is The Temperature Of The Motor Magnet?
Sep 11, 2017

What Magnet should the motor use? How much is the temperature of the motor Magnet?
      Motor operation is a huge amount of heat, for the Magnet is a big problem. The different insulation materials of the motor are resistant to high temperature. The maximum permissible temperature is set for the manufacturer of the Magnetic tile. According to the temperature, Y, A, E, B, F, H and C. Their permissible operating temperature motor tiles are: 90,105,120,130,155,180 and 180 ℃ above. So the use of Magnet generally Magnetic stronger, the temperature is also relatively weak.
      NdFeB strong Magnet: as the most cost-effective permanent Magnet NdFeB temperature of about 200 °. In ensuring the Magnetic force at the same time, but also fully meet the micro-motor and general motor operating temperature requirements. NdFeB is a common choice for motor Magnet. Because the highest performance NdFeB, but the car motor tile is its price is also cheap.
      SmCo: SmCo is also a high-performance material, the temperature at 250 ° to 350 °, the temperature characteristics are relatively good, not only so rare rare earth elements make the Magnet resistance is good, for the acid and alkali and Magnetic field are very good Resistance. Because of the good material nature, the price is also higher.
      Alnico: temperature between 500 ° and 600 °. Performance is low and medium material, the temperature of 600 ° temperature can withstand almost any motor running. The price is also a modest low price.
      Ferrite Magnet: ferrite can be said to be the best temperature resistant material. Its products regardless of the brand have a minimum temperature of 550 °, from 550 ° to 600 °. Can be said that the main material of the motor tile, because of its high temperature characteristics of the product, widely used in the motor first, and NdFeB complement the basic improvement of the general production of motor tiles.
      Magnet temperature is generally in the Magnet itself, the Magnetic properties of a negative correlation, the stronger the Magnetic effect of the general temperature will be weak.
Electric permanent Magnet internal use of two permanent Magnet as a Magnetic source, the internal structure of the unique, at the same time, I produced the permanent Magnet are modular design, applicability and versatility stronger.
Unrestricted safety of permanent Magnet
In the work without the need for electrical energy, by the permanent Magnet suction adsorption Magnetic steel, to avoid the electroMagnet system in a sudden power failure (can be used to disable power) or connecting cable damage (solenoid system can not solve) when the Magnetic loss occurs The risk of falling off. Electric Magnet Magnetization maximum Magnet mill up to 16kg / cm strong suction, not with the extension of time and attenuation, has great security. ElectroMagnet after power failure only limited Magnetic retention time, if the suction below the important equipment, power outage for a long time is likely to cause accidents.
Energy saving, economy, environmental protection
Electric permanent Magnet system only in the Magnetic and deMagnetization of 0.1 to 1 second use of electricity, more than 80% of the power consumption of the electroMagnet. The control system is simple, the permanent Magnetic body and the control system are both light weight, can reduce the load of the lifting equipment, raise the weight, so use the economy; and the electroMagnet power failure when the matching battery, so the electricity is more environmentally friendly, Type electric permanent Magnet can not match the superiority.
Practical and efficient
Easy to use, fast, permanent Magnetic system within the no moving parts (permanent lifting device has moving parts), reliable and durable, without maintenance, practical and strong. Electronic control operation only charge, deMagnetization button, easy to operate, Magnetization and deMagnetization time only 0.1 ~ 1 second, improve the operating efficiency. ElectroMagnet Due to the number of turns of the coil winding, the inductance is large, the deMagnetizing time of the electroMagnet is generally 3-5 seconds. The large electroMagnet takes 5 to 10 seconds to make the current reach the stable value even if the excitation is used. Suction; and electroMagnet deMagnetization process need to exert a reverse Magnetic field, improve the discharge speed, redundant Magnetic energy or feedback network, resulting in power pollution, or through the discharge resistance consumed, causing heat.

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