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What Is The NdFeB Segment Band?
Jun 22, 2017

What is the NdFeB Segment band?
NdFeB section with NdFeB Segment force is determined by the characteristics of the NdFeB section if the atomic current is explained that the current is generated by the NdFeB Segment field magnetization of other objects magnetized objects generated electric field effect of each other effect.
Most of the material is composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, atomic NdFeB plant is also composed of nuclei and electrons. Inside the atom, the electrons are spinning and rotating around the nucleus. Both of these movements of the electrons are NdFeB Segment. But in most substances, the direction of electronic movement is different, mess, the NdFeB Segment effect offset each other. Therefore, most of the material under normal circumstances, does not appear NdFeB Segment, no NdFeB Segment outside.
Iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite and other ferroNdFeB Segment materials are different, it is within the electronic spin within a small range of consciously placed together to form a conscious magnetization area, this self-magnetization area called NdFeB Segment Domain. FerroNdFeB Segment material magnetization, the internal NdFeB Segment field neatly, the direction of consistent placed, so that the NdFeB Segment enhancement, it constitutes a section of NdFeB. NdFeB section of the iron absorption process is the iron block of the magnetization process, the magnetized iron and NdFeB section is not the same as the polarity of the attraction, iron and nylon and iron firmly on the "sticky" Together. We said that the Nd-Fe boron section of the NdFeB Segment, NdFeB section with NdFeB Segment force.
On the NdFeB section of the NdFeB Segment not seen
For all NdFeB Segment materials, it is not at any temperature with NdFeB Segment properties. Typically, the NdFeB Segment material has a critical temperature Tc above which the arrangement of the atomic NdFeB Segment moments is disordered because of the intense thermal motion of the atoms at high temperatures. At this temperature below the atomic NdFeB Segment moment placed regular, the occurrence of self-magnetization, the object becomes ferroNdFeB Segment.
Using this feature, we developed a lot of control components. For example, we use the rice cooker on the use of the NdFeB Segment material Curie point characteristics. In the bottom of the rice cooker installed a piece of NdFeB section and a Curie point of 105 degrees of NdFeB Segment materials. When the water in the pot is dry, the temperature of the food will rise from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches about 105 degrees, because the NdFeB section of the NdFeB Segment material of the NdFeB Segment material is not seen, NdFeB section on it lost its suction, then NdFeB and NdFeB Segment materials between the tension spring will be Separate them, together with the stock power switch is broken, stop heating.
Curie temperature refers to the temperature at which the material can be changed between the ferromagnet and the paraNdFeB Segment. Below the Curie temperature the material becomes a ferromagnet, and the NdFeB Segment field associated with the material at this moment is difficult to change. When the temperature is higher than the Curie temperature, the material becomes a paraNdFeB Segment magnet, the NdFeB Segment field of the magnet is very simple with the surrounding NdFeB Segment field changes and changes. At this time the NdFeB Segment susceptibility is about 10 negative 6th power.
Heating, increased to the NdFeB material of Curie temperature above the NdFeB Segment will be gone, after cooling NdFeB Segment recovery.
Yong Nd iron boron section is iron oxide, as long as he reduced to ferrous oxide or iron, or oxidation into ferric oxide, NdFeB Segment field was not seen

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