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What Are The Maintenance Methods Of Ferrite Segment Magnet?
Oct 20, 2017

What are the maintenance methods of Ferrite Segment Magnet?
In fact, the maintenance of Ferrite Segment Magnet, it can be said that there can be no, because most of the Ferrite Segment Magnet are disposable or permanent, only the headset magnet to select the correct ferrite magnet frequency, match the corresponding interference frequency , Resulting in Ferrite Segment Magnet will not appear saturation phenomenon, can be long-term use. Because most of the Ferrite Segment Magnet are permanent, there is no shelf life, as long as you know how to use Ferrite Segment Magnet or how to avoid Ferrite Segment Magnet fragile, you can.
Ferrite Segment Magnet do not like cars, to reach a certain mileage, it is necessary to start the sensor magnet maintenance, oil or open other parts of the parts, Ferrite Segment Magnet as long as the characteristics or broken, it is necessary to re-produced, There is no repair, broken is equal to the entire Ferrite Segment Magnet are scrapped, must be recycled through the processing to build. On the Ferrite Segment Magnet some little common sense, Yigong through the following points for everyone to talk about, but also hope that you choose, use, to avoid Ferrite Segment Magnet, know some relevant knowledge.
First, the choice of Ferrite Segment Magnet, try to choose a larger volume of Ferrite Segment Magnet and high characteristics, so that its characteristics are better, the characteristics of a good Ferrite Segment Magnet more durable, but also not prone to heat or saturation The problem occurs, if you do not know the characteristics of Ferrite Segment Magnet, you can give priority to select the outer diameter, long length, small Ferrite Segment Magnet, because this contains more materials, containing more material, the better the natural effect The
Second, the use of Ferrite Segment Magnet, as far as possible close to the interference place, to promote the Ferrite Segment Magnet close to the interference signal, if there is enough space or wire length is long, you can repeatedly around a circle, the more around The effect is certainly better. Such as clear the frequency of electronic interference, you can match the corresponding ferrite magnet frequency, to add, at the same time can also add a few Ferrite Segment Magnet, so the impedance characteristics will be significantly enhanced.
Third, how to avoid Ferrite Segment Magnet brittle, usually Ferrite Segment Magnet broken, there are many of the production or transportation caused by, of course, production is inevitable, can only try to minimize the defective goods, and Most of the production is caused by grinding in the broken point, or no gap / crack and other issues, Ferrite Segment Magnet can not not grinding, no grinding the appearance of rough, single this, you can cut the power line skin, so Can only control problems. However, the Ferrite Segment Magnet caused by transport problems, can only start in the packaging, as far as possible the ferrite magnet package tightly, in the handling, try to avoid the collision, to be gently.
Fourth, for some exposed Ferrite Segment Magnet, in fact, we can also do some small maintenance, exposed Ferrite Segment Magnet are usually used for a long time there are some debris or dust, to clean up in time to avoid Ferrite Segment Magnet and electronic products Poor contact. And injection of Ferrite Segment Magnet, there is no need for maintenance, because it has been marked with plastic, airtight, hand dial are not dial, let alone have a dust can take. At the same time clip-on Ferrite Segment Magnet do not need maintenance, because the clip-on Ferrite Segment Magnet have plastic shell protection, debris or dust are difficult to enter. Everybody in the use of Ferrite Segment Magnet, try to clean the Ferrite Segment Magnet, as far as possible there may be adverse problems, to the lowest rate.

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