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What Are The Aspects Of The Production And Use Of Ferrite Magnet?
Aug 18, 2017

What are the aspects of the production and use of Ferrite Magnet?
   The use of Ferrite Magnet need to pay attention to what aspects of it? Code of the magnetic industry production department of the relevant personnel to introduce the use of Ferrite Magnet should pay attention to the following three points:
   1. Ferrite Magnet in the packaging process, be sure to pack the table enough clean, otherwise it is easy to absorb iron and other magnetic particles and then affect the use of serious when these iron particles will scratch the surface of Ferrite Magnet , Will be anti-corrosion effect of NdFeB damage, which should pay attention.
   2. If it is neodymium iron boron material, then it is characterized by hard and brittle, while the suction can reach its own weight more than 600 times, very easy to suck and collision. We must ensure that when the operation and other iron metal to maintain a certain distance, to avoid damage to the collision. If it is large size, then pay attention to protection and personal safety, we recommend the best Ferrite Magnet installed experience to operate.
   3. Ferrite Magnet in the storage, the indoor as far as possible to maintain ventilation and dry, humid environment is very easy to make Ferrite Magnet rust. And the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the Ferrite Magnet, otherwise it will demagnetize. If there is no plating products in the storage of the proposed appropriate oil rust, Ferrite Magnet must be kept away from the disk, magnetic cards, tape, computer monitors, watches and other objects sensitive to the magnetic field. In the transport, plating (plating), the installation process, we must ensure that the Ferrite Magnet are not subject to severe impact, once the method is not appropriate, it is particularly likely to cause magnetic damage, crack, and Ferrite Magnet magnetized state transport , Also remember to shield, especially when the air transport, we must remember to completely magnetic shielding.
   The above is the use of Ferrite Magnet when the note, the need for NdFeB Ferrite Magnet or other magnetic materials, you can contact us!
 Ferrite Magnet are rare earth products of metallurgical and mineral resources, usually the general people will not understand the industry, but many companies have not used Ferrite Magnet, in order to achieve a product function or require the use of Ferrite Magnet , How to choose a good ferrite magnet manufacturer, or how to identify the quality of Ferrite Magnet? This is what we have to say today in the purchase of Ferrite Magnet to pay attention to several issues.
   In general, we say that the quality of Ferrite Magnet is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. High purity of raw materials, magnetic properties and stability 2. Good adhesion of the coating Strong corrosion resistance 3. Size parallelism, tolerance accuracy high. This is the article on the magnetic one of the most articles, because the Ferrite Magnet are also divided into many grades, there are N35.N38.N40.N42 and so on performance, the same size in terms of performance, the stronger the magnetic will be. Many small businesses on the market often use low-performance products to replace the high-performance products offer or production, and sometimes because of proofing when you have not been compared by several companies, and they have no way to use the instrument to detect, Will not find the middle of the problem. More powerful is that some of the factories in order to pursue the low price will buy back the charge, black material to produce, resulting in mass production may appear Ferrite Magnet magnetic difference is too large, the same batch of iron production Oxygen magnets in the magnetic force is not uniform. And finally to the customer caused a very big impact and trouble. Last year I also came into contact with several of these customers, in cooperation with the previous suppliers when there is such a quality problem, to the last forced to find a new supplier, and later compared to find our company. Finally told me that the quality of your classic magnetic industry had hard.
   And in so long business work, I found that many customers like to ask the Ferrite Magnet GS value to measure the magnetic force of Ferrite Magnet, where the popularity of a concept, Ferrite Magnet Gaussian value can not measure ferrite Magnet magnetic force size, only for the same size in terms of the higher the Gaussian value, the magnetic will be stronger, then under normal circumstances in the same performance, the same cross-sectional area, the thickness of the higher the higher the Gaussian value. And on the Ferrite Magnet coating, in fact, many cases the naked eye will be able to distinguish between good and bad, some manufacturers do out of the product, the surface sometimes watermark, pitting, yellow, and even burst the situation. Tolerance can be a micrometer can be detected, this is very simple. For example, you may want to diameter 10mm, you carefully to find the diameter of only 9.7mm or 9.8mm.

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