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Tile Maintenance Extremely Easy
Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic tile used in the motor replaces the original electro-magnetic, apart from the application of this product, can bring motor simple structure, reliable use of these benefits, but also because its magnetic tiles can make motor repair work becomes very easy.

Reason tile application can make the motor repair-DC motor magnetic tiles are often used for simple, first of all because of the product, to simplify the structure to a certain degree, in the case of structure motor magnetic tile, more easily in case of motor failure to find reasons and maintenance operations easier. Secondly because through the application of magnetic tile, to a certain extent reduce the weight of the motor, reduced motor size, so we must be very convenient magnetic motor, motor maintenance is very easy. Finally, because application of magnetic tile, to a certain degree to improve the quality of motors, and motor at the time of application, is not easy because this part of the problem failed, so in the case of maintenance work is required is relatively small, it can also make maintenance very easy.

As described above, is used in magnetic-watt motor, because in the optimization of the structure has been very good, so you can achieve a user-friendly application.

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