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Tile Effects Of Magnetized In Different Ways
Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent-magnet DC motor, electromagnetic motors and magnetic potential source generated by the excitation coil, permanent magnet motors are permanent magnet material constant magnetic potential sources. Permanent magnet magnetic tile advantages instead of electric excitation with Dongyang magnetic Salvador, can make the motor of simple structure, easy maintenance, low weight, small size, use slice of electric vehicle motors, reliable, used copper less, low copper loss, low energy consumption and so on.

Tile effects of magnetized in different ways:

1, the first magnetization than the second to third around the surface low remanence magnetization of 10%, generally speaking the second magnetization is reasonable;

2, the first magnetization is convenient, using solenoids tunnel type magnetic, high production efficiency;

3, the second way of magnetizing to some plant rushed outside, ferrite tile red, tile or magnetic loops need to be glued and drying, the production is also very convenient;

Magnetizing 4, third way, there are many small motor (three slots) used in this way, when the loading rotor since there is no magnetic force very well assembled, but it is not easy to check whether the magnetic charge.

Magnetization is open 5, the first fully magnetic, due to no external magnetic field magnetizing magnetic circuit, does not form a closed loop, magnetic tile magnetizing not fully saturated, has an impact on magnetic flux density of the magnetic tile generally is lower than the close-circuit magnetic;

6, and second species filling magnetic way is most common of, belongs to closed-circuit filling magnetic, filling magnetic Hou of magnetic pass density is highest of, and can through filling head of shape to adjustment gas gap magnetic key of waveform, reached meet different motor performance of requirements, but in motor assembly Shi, need using dedicated tooling for Assembly, or may will due to magnetic suction of reasons knock injury rotor or makes magnetic w produced magnetic broken;

7, and third species filling magnetic way also belongs to closed-circuit filling magnetic (because rotor rushed tablets is good of guide magnetic material), filling magnetic Hou of magnetic w magnetic pass density size General between first species and second species Zhijian, note: in using machine filling magnetic Shi, best will carbon brush and rotor winding in open State, or in carbon brush and commutator contact surface may will produced sparking phenomenon.

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