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There Are Many Advantages Using Magnetic Tile Can Bring Motor
Jan 16, 2017

First, make the structure more simple: due to the existing advantages of tile, so massage motor magnetic tile application simplified structure, from the structural point of view in the motor benefits reflect simple structure.

Second, make maintenance easier: slice of due to the use of magnetic motor fitness equipment after doing a very simple in structure and small size, so maintenance is relatively much easier, when there is a fault you can easily disassemble the motor without damage, easy to carry out maintenance repairs.

Thirdly, let the motor using more reliable: since tile is used after the motor using more slice of motor plus reliable, well reflected in performance and function of the motor, so will surely be more in line with demand.

Third, make magnetic tile economy better: after using magnetic tile motor optimum performance in all respects, so that at the time of application will reduce the amount of copper, and can reduce the motor can be good, with a good performance in the economy.

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