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The Nature Of The Magnet And How Much Effect
Nov 02, 2017

The nature of the Magnet and how much effect
Magnet is not human invention, there are natural Magnetite, the earliest discovery and use of the Magnet should be Chinese. So "compass" is one of the four Chinese inventions. As for the composition that is iron, cobalt, nickel, etc. Its atomic structure is special, the atom itself has a magnetic moment. General ferrite black magnetic mineral molecules arranged in the chaos. magnetic area of mutual influence on the magnetic .. But in the external magnetic iron) is the most commonly used magnetic material. The Magnet is divided into Magnets and permanent Magnets. The permanent Magnets are made of magnetic and magnetic materials. Of the spin and the electronic angular momentum into the water table magnetic fixed direction arrangement of soft magnetic is coupled with the current (also a method of adding magnetic force) and other current to remove the soft iron will slowly lose the magnetic As for the earliest Magnet who found the oldest record is China's Huangdi war Chi's guide car is called one of the four inventions of the Magnetism in China! China in the first century BC, that is, the case of Magnet polarization. Warring States period, had to use a natural Magnet, on the scale of the copper plate, used to divination.
The Northern Song Dynasty, the use of two methods to create artificial Magnets, one is to burn red iron needle, placed in the north and south direction, rapid cooling, the use of the Earth's magnetic field will be iron needle Magnetization; the other is made of Magnet rubbing iron needle The "Mengxi Bi Tan" recorded in the presence of magnetic declination, found under the influence of magnetic declination, the magnetic needle pointing to the south, slightly more than the real south. Based on this knowledge, the development of the Magnet as a compass of the scientific application. Magnet is only a generic term, is generally refers to the magnetic things, the actual composition does not necessarily contain iron. Relatively pure metal state of the iron itself is not permanent magnetic, only close to the permanent Magnet will be induced to produce magnetic, South Magnet specializing in the production, the general permanent Magnet which added other impurity elements (such as carbon) to stabilize the magnetic, but this will So that the freedom of electrons reduced and easy to conduct, so the current through the light when the lamp does not light up. Iron is a common magnetic element, but many other elements have a stronger magnetic, like a lot of powerful Magnets is ruby iron and boron mixed.
Ancient Greeks and Chinese people found in nature a kind of natural Magnetite stone, called "iron". This stone can be a magic suck up a small piece of iron, and after the random swing is always pointing to the same direction. The early sailors used this Magnet as its earliest compass to identify the direction of the sea.
After thousands of years of development, today the Magnet has become a strong material in our lives. By combining the different materials of the alloy can achieve the same effect with the Magnets, but also can improve the magnetic force. In the 18th century there were man-made Magnets, but the process of making stronger magnetic materials was slow until Alnico was made in the 1920s. Subsequently, Ferrite was fabricated in the 1950s, and rare earth Magnets were made in the 1970s [Rare Earth Magnet including NdFeB and SmCo]. At this point, the magnetic technology has been rapid development, strong magnetic materials also makes the components more compact.

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