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The Magnetic Force Of Strong Magnet And Its Maintenance Precautions
Jul 18, 2017

The Magnetic force of strong Magnet and its maintenance precautions

Strong Magnets, as the name suggests, are strong Magnets that can suck up heavy metal objects. Strong Magnets usually refer to rare earth Magnets, mainly ndfe-boron, as well as ordinary Magnets, which are commonly referred to as ferrite Magnets and other Magnetic materials. Actually ndfeb strong Magnet compared with ferrite Magnet Magnetic field, its characteristic is that its surface is bigger, often is about four times that of ferrite, another characteristic is its high gradient, gradient is on behalf of the Magnetic field on the unit length changes, the faster the Magnetic field intensity of land, the higher the gradient. In other words, the Magnetic field of a powerful Magnet is affected by the greater distance. That means that in a distance, the suction of a popular Magnet is higher than that of the nd-fed-boron powerful Magnet. Powerful Magnets are also divided into rare earth nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-ti-strong Magnets and ferrite strong Magnets.

Rare earth ndfeb Magnets are the strongest of all Magnets. According to the different proportion of each component in the formula, the Magnetic force can be divided into N35 - N52 N35M - N50M N30H - N48H N30SH - N45SH N28UH - N35UH N28EH - N35EH performance index, the regular strong Magnetic Magnet is N35 of N35 - N52 brand performance (high temperature of 80 degrees), along with other high performance ndfeb strong Magnetic requirements can be customized.

The ferrite strong Magnet is as normal as Y25, Y30, and its Magnetic force is about 10 times weaker than the rare-earth nd-nd-nd-iron powerful Magnet. As a result, it is used to use the rare earth ndfeb strong Magnet.

The preservation of powerful Magnet: the Magnetic body must be kept indoors when it is stored, otherwise wet environment can easily make the Magnet rust. The ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the Magnet. When the products are not electroplated, oil and rust can be properly applied. Magnetizing products should be stored away from Magnetic fields such as disks, Magnetic CARDS, Magnetic tapes, computer displays, watches, etc. The Magnetic material is more crispy, transportation, electroplating (coating), in the process of installation, should ensure that the Magnet is not subjected to violent impact, if the method is not good, may cause Magnetic damage, disintegrate; Magnets should be shielded when transported, and the air transport must be completely shielded.

In the basic theory of electroMagnetism, we often encounter the following headings in the study, experiment and communication application of electroMagnet coherence. The electroMagnet is a basic structure composed of an iron core with coil winding around it, as it is when the coil is passed into the current; It produces an assembly of electroMagnetism. So what is it about the size of the Magnetic force that is involved?

First: solenoid Magnetic round the coil size and number of turns is related, as usual, the electroMagnet coil number of turns it, the more the through current is larger, so that the electroMagnet Magnetic will be stronger.

Second: the material of the iron core and the Magnetic conductivity are related.

Third: it is connected with the current of the electroMagnet. Generally, the higher the current is, the higher the Magnetic force will be.

Fourth: the Magnetic force is also related to the cross-sectional area of the core of the electroMagnet.

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