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The Latest Reversible Temperature Performance Of NdFeB Segment
Aug 09, 2017

The Latest Reversible Temperature Performance of NdFeB Segment
Yong-strength NdFeB Segment of the magnetic properties can be said to be more than ten times the ferrite. Its processing performance is also very good. The working temperature can reach 220 degrees, the price is very good but because the appearance of easy oxidation, so the appearance must be plating treatment. Such as galvanized, nickel, epoxy and so on. The ferrite permanent magnet it is made of BaFeO and SrFeO made by ceramic technology, brittle, but its temperature is very good, the price is very reasonable, is all the most powerful generous powerful magnet magnet.
Now China's NdFeB Segment products are mainly used for general audio, magnetizer and de-waxing machines, motors and sensors, the future in the motor and voice coil motor and other areas of the application will be further increased. It is understood that sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials in the western countries of the main application areas are voice coil motor, permanent magnet motor, nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, high-end audio equipment, China's application in these areas is still relatively small. Although the application of sintered NdFeB in the field of audio and video electronics in a dominant position, but this area is only the low-end market for the application of the material.
China's high-end computer and computer peripherals and other market competitiveness is still weak, and this is the most competitive in the sintering of NdFeB invention and production power without code, followed by the United States. The United States has a strong presence in the application of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment, but it is weak in the field of electromechanical, audiovisual electronics and communications electronics, which is related to its lack of raw materials, higher human resource costs and the large number of manufacturing enterprises to overseas transfer The
NdFeB Segment of the high temperature demagnetization problem is what we all know from the NdFeB Segment of the cost and performance of the combination, so that they are popular to choose the use of traditional magnets and create new product applications in the case of the rapid increase in existing strength , Allowing the use of a smaller magnet, most of the favorable design.
Neodymium iron boron section in the high temperature processing procedures need to be careful, because the NdFeB Segment at high temperatures easily demagnetized. Here we will work with you to understand the NdFeB Segment of high temperature demagnetization problem. As the NdFeB Segment of high-Nd iron content, they are also easy to oxidation, so to meet these conditions of various coatings, depending on the NdFeB Segment of the operating environment.
Standard configuration: In general, NdFeB magnets are divided into two main columns: CDs and blocks.
The strength of these magnets needs to be handled with care, NdFeB Segment small magnets to attract from the distance and large magnets that can cause pain and even damage when broken.
The new disc is called a "disc", which is usually marked by the diameter of the first cylinder of the height of the magnet, usually the tall cylindrical diameter. The new line is called the block is a rectangular or square cross section with a variety of thickness options, rare earth samarium cobalt neodymium boron (neodymium iron boron) is an alternative, NdFeB Segment as samarium cobalt magnet can withstand higher temperatures, more resistant to corrosion, and neodymium Iron boron comparable. Smelite than NdFeB, the market price of the sensitivity is more expensive. Common applications: satellite systems, linear actuators, computer optical drives, sensors, cars (temporary stability is essential). SmCo is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems and some motors.

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