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The Effect Of The Shape Of NdFeB Magnet On The Magnitude Of Magnetic Force
Nov 02, 2017

The effect of the shape of NdFeB Magnet on the magnitude of magnetic force
A piece of NdFeB Magnet has a different size shape, and of course there is a difference in the presence of magnetic forces because the magnetic field of NdFeB Magnet is formed neatly by the array of tiny poles. Shape is too complex, the spatial spacing will be small area of the magnetic dispersion. Such as the thickness and size of the magnet, the shape and the material will affect the magnetic force. The thick magnet is stronger than the thin magnetic force. We will increase the thickness of the magnet, which mainly has the following three performance parameters to determine the NdFeB Magnet's performance and And magnetic effects:
Remanence Br: Permanent Magnet is magnetized to the technical saturation and the external magnetic field is removed. The retained Br is called the residual magnetic induction. Coercivity Hc: Reduces the B of the magnetized to the technically saturated permanent magnet to zero, The magnetic field product BH: represents the magnetic energy density established by the NdFeB Magnet in the air gap space (two magnetic poles of the magnet), that is, the volume of the air gap per unit volume Magnetostatic energy. As the above will affect the magnetic aspects.
Do you know how the NdFeB Magnet is made? It needs to first crush the alloy containing the necessary material into particles, collect the particles and then sinter them. And then cut into the required size to complete. This process always feels like making a cake. Of course, in the actual mass production of high-quality magnets is not so simple. Not only to the particles into a uniform size of 3 ~ 5μm, but also pay attention to the shape of the uniformity, but also consider the heating method of sintering, etc., need to spend a lot of time to manufacture.
For example, the alloy crushed to 3 ~ 5μm after the implementation of the "magnetic field molding process" is one of them. This process is such that the pulverized fine powder (micro magnet) is oriented. The orientation here refers to the uniformity of the magnetization direction of the powder into a fixed direction. The higher the orientation, the greater the residual magnetic flux density (the index of the magnetic field strength).
When the process is carried out, the fine powder is filled into the mold, and the powder is oriented by applying a strong magnetic field, and then the press molding is carried out. One of the unique lies in the molding body will not collapse the degree of gentle pressure forming. Because the pressure is too large, but will not be easy to disrupt the uniform fine powder orientation.
NdFeB Magnet is very strong magnetic, the operation should avoid the hands or other parts of the body by the magnet clamping, for the larger magnets should pay more attention to personal safety and protection. Do not put magnets close to electronic medical devices or people carrying medical devices such as pacemakers. Do not swallow the magnets. If you swallow inadvertently, please go to hospital immediately. Do not place the magnet in a place where children can reach it. Magnet in the course of the work should ensure that the workplace clean, so that iron and other small impurities adsorbed on the surface of the magnet affect the normal use of the product.
NdFeB Magnet is very strong, and if it is strongly impacted, the magnets will break and fly, and the magnetic fragments may fly into the eyes. Please use them carefully. NdFeB Magnet suitable for storage in a ventilated and dry room, acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, water, high temperature and humidity environment easy to make the magnet rust, the coating off the magnet powder demagnetization. For non-electroplated products should pay attention to, storage can be appropriate oil rust, which is our proposed NdFeB Magnet surface anti-corrosion treatment of the main reasons. After heating, the magnetic properties of NdFeB Magnet are greatly reduced. Please refer to the catalog or the relevant temperature characteristics of the pointer, pay attention to the assembly or use of the magnet when the temperature should not be too high. When using or holding magnets, avoid corrosive gases, high conductivity environments (such as water containing electrolytes, etc.), acidic environments, organic solvents, and the like. Otherwise it will cause NdFeB Magnet corrosion and magnetic properties and mechanical strength weakened. For heat resistance and other conditions, please refer to the catalog or other data. Please consult with the company.
NdFeB Magnet is hard and brittle, so there may be cracks, shedding, etc. in the case of vibration, shock, etc. If used with such use, please note that even if the NdFeB Magnet fracture will not fall off. Up to high-speed running body, so magnets and other objects may be broken. In the design, please take the necessary anti-fist, if the magnet broken, debris will not fly out. Magnetic yoke, electrode sheet, etc., please fully confirm the type of adhesive, dosage, conditions of use, strength and reliability.

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