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The Domestic And Foreign Market Of NdFeB Segment And Its Development
Sep 20, 2017

The Domestic and Foreign Market of NdFeB Segment and Its Development
I. Introduction
    NdFeB Segment and its application products is a typical energy-saving, material, saving and export products, its development prospects are very broad. In the international market, due to NdFeB Segment production investment is high, covers a wide area, but also a energy-consuming industries, coupled with poor labor conditions and the need for environmental management and other factors, in recent years its main origin has been Japan, Western Europe and other advanced industrial countries to the developing countries, in this situation, the appropriate development of NdFeB Segment, especially high-grade NdFeB Segment on the development of China's automobile, motorcycle, electronic information and other national economic pillar industries and export value is of great significance, in line with national industry Policy and planning, promising.
    With the rapid development of electronic information technology, domestic and international demand for high-performance NdFeB Segment is growing. Therefore, research and development of such products is very urgent.
    Second, the world status and development of NdFeB Segment (analysis of the main purpose of mainstream funds to find the best profit opportunities!)
    The development of modern electronic information technology and environmental protection industry has promoted the development of high performance NdFeB Segment materials. High-performance NdFeB Segment with high coercivity (Hcj) high energy product (BH) max is the world's electronic Information industry, the rapid development of the automotive industry, the latest market demand, especially the "smart" highway requirements with the matching car, car "smart" driver will be used in large quantities for high-performance NdFeB Segment material to provide a wider range of applications The
    NdFeB Segment material with its raw materials rich and excellent economy is still in the NdFeB Segment industry occupies a large share of the positive direction of the development.
    The production of NdFeB Segment in today's world presents two notable features, one is that the Asian region is more prominent its center, the base camp position, in addition to the original NdFeB Segment Kingdom - Japan is still basically the original scale of production (including the production of overseas factories) , The other Asian countries and regions have developed rapidly; the second is the focus of production to the developing countries, the performance of the original NdFeB Segment production abroad to overseas development in the developing countries to set up "three capital" enterprises and China, India, Malaysia and other countries The rapid development of production. The world's NdFeB Segment production increased from 164,000 tons in 1985 to 500,000 tons in 2000, of which Japan's production from 72,000 tons to 46,000 tons, the only negative growth countries; Europe and the United States was slightly increased trend; rapid development in Southeast Asia , An increase of 16.6%, second only to China's 17.9%, accounting for about 2/3 of the world's total production in the Asian region. It can be seen that the world's production focus of NdFeB Segment has clearly shifted to developing countries.
    Computer, multimedia computer, communication network (see Table 1) and automotive electronics and electric vehicles and other high-tech development to high-performance NdFeB Segment to provide a broader application market.
    It is predicted that in the next few years the world's consumer electronics and investment electronic information products, the average annual growth rate will reach 5.3% and 11.7%, due to the growing function of electronic information products, combined with cars, motorcycles, communications, energy And the field of environmental protection using NdFeB Segment trend is enhanced, therefore, the international market demand for ferrite products, especially high-end products, the growth trend is higher than the above-mentioned growth. It is particularly worth mentioning that the automotive (including motorcycles) industry is the largest and most dynamic market for today's NdFeB Segment. Foreign NdFeB Segment body for automotive development has penetrated into the car motor, body, body chassis and information components and other aspects, each car has 40-70 more to use NdFeB Segment body. According to the global multi-client survey conducted by the famous Gorham / Intertech consulting firm, the NdFeB Segment motor for each vehicle will increase from an average of 20 in 1998 to 32 in 2005, plus the world's car production is still 10% The average annual speed increase, the result will make the car NdFeB Segment consumption doubled. It is expected that in 2005, the world's automobile production will be about 49 million, and the total number of motor vehicles will increase from 800 million to 1.6 billion. Car speaker output will also increase from the current 160 million to 230 million, the increase in the amount of about 1 times. Forecast and supporting the device required 250,000 tons of NdFeB Segment.
    The development of the computer has led to the development of related components, disk, CD-ROM drive and printer driver head multimedia audio on the NdFeB Segment material demand is also great. With the advent of the information age, in recent years, industrial developed countries are forming a computer into the family boom. According to the US market survey in 2000 the world's total sales of home PC 40 million units in 2005 will reach 80 million units. It is estimated that 20,000 tons of NdFeB Segment will be required for supporting the above related devices.

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