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Technical Requirements And Concrete Implementation Methods Of The High Speed Motor Magnetic Tile
Nov 15, 2017

The high speed motor magnetic tile is a new type of product, mainly adopting the winding fixed structure. The whole product can be used in high speed motor, the structure that magnetic tile is fixed on the high speed rotor, belongs to the technical field of mechanical structure.

The technical requirements of the high speed motor magnetic tile

It is mainly used for high power and high speed brushless DC motor for single stage high speed centrifugal fan. The winding fixed structure of the magnetic tile of the motor is safe and reliable, convenient and flexible.

The technical advantages of the high speed motor magnetic tile

The high speed motor magnetic tile adopts the new structure, which is simple, compact and reasonable. The fiberglass wound layer  has the  electromagnetic interference phenomenon, and can greatly reduce the processing precision of the outside diameter of the magnetic tile, is convenient and flexible.

The concrete implementation methods of the high speed motor magnetic tile

The high speed motor magnetic tile includes rotating shaft, connecting sleeve, would layer, bolt and magnetic tile. The inner diameter of the connecting sleeve is interference connected with the shaft to transfer the torque. Each magnet tile is fixed on the outer surface of the connecting sleeve by 2 - 4 bolts. The would layer is wrapped around the outer diameter of the magnetic tile by the fiberglass tape and is bonded with an epoxy resin adhesive.

When the whole rotor of the motor is running at high speed, apart from the part of the huge centrifugal force of the magnetic tile is overcome by the bolt, the huge centrifugal force is mainly overcome by the wound layer, as to prevent the looseness of the magnetic tile in the high speed to make the vibration of the whole rotor exceed the allowable value, so as to ensure the stability of the rotor.

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