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Single Magnet And Double Sided Magnets Difference We Introduce
Jan 16, 2017

Why do some customers to use a single magnet? Single magnet it what features? Quote how much cheaper than a double sided magnets and so on a series of issues.

Said before a single magnet, we first need to know what is the single magnets? Single magnet first where? Recommended reading of the what is single-sided magnets

Single-sided magnets feature

For some occasions require a magnetic, another slice of fitness equipment on the product itself if magnetic formation damage or interference, so needed at this point to a single magnet.

Massager magnet on the motor box with magnetic tile such as you only need a magnetic, optional on the other side, there is no use magnetic, so use a single magnetic will greatly reduce the cost and save on magnetic materials.

In the magnet career single magnetic slice of two-sided magnetic substance was motor, are neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, just single magnets in terms of cost is relatively low, are a magnet for Shell to install a combination of a, so wrapped side magnetic shielding, magnetic force is reflected to the other side, magnetic enhancement on the other side. Double magnet is a magnet for wafers and no package.

Single-sided double sided magnets offer the magnet

Quotes, single magnet specifications lower than double sided magnets, similar to one side of the magnetic strength.

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