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Simple Understanding And Fixation Of Motor Magnet Tile
Jun 30, 2017

On the motor magnetic tile, its simple understanding is used for the magnetic tile in the motor, we will call it the motor magnetic tile.So, what is the basic knowledge of what it is that we should know and master? Asked the question, one is to lead to the content of the article, the second is to let everyone know what will be the following, and thus, targeted to study, so that you can improve their learning efficiency.

1. What is the specific motor magnet tile?

In particular, it refers to a temperature below the Curie temperature. If the ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material is magnetized without a magnetic field, then its magnetic moment is zero as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to add a magnetic field so as to spontaneously form a small area of magnetization, thereby performing subsequent use. Moreover, the magnetic tile is expanded with the increase of the external magnetic field, and the ratio between them is proportional.

2. motor magnetic tile, with permanent magnetic tile instead of electric excitation to use, then, what are the advantages?

Motor magnetic tile, with permanent magnetic tile instead of electric excitation to use, then its advantages are: simple structure, small weight, the use of reliable, easy maintenance, and small energy consumption and so on. So, it can be said that it has a lot of advantages, and, in some cases, there is a very good application effect.

3. How to fix the motor tiles?

The motor magnetic tile is fixed, which generally has two methods. First, if the motor is low speed, then, you can use AB glue for bonding. However, in its outside, but also with a layer of plastic, in order to play a very good fixed role. Second, if the motor is high speed, then, first with AB glue bonding, and then, with a stainless steel sleeve fixed. As for the choice of which, by the actual situation and needs to decide.

The above problems are related to the motor tile, and are also very basic, and, with a certain degree of practicality. Therefore, we hope that we can seriously and in order to grasp in a timely manner, so that the knowledge can be applied to the knowledge, and to flexible use, and then, can also benefit from their own.

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