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Servo Motor Magnets Made in China /Chinese Factories/Multi-Polar Magnetic Ring /Permanent Magnet
Feb 26, 2017

Basic Info
Application:Speaker Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Jewelry Magnet, Solenoid, Motor Magnet

The main products:
Rare earth permanent magnet, NdFeB, sintered NdFeB, bonded NdFeB, plastic injection NdFeB, ferrite, rubber magnetic, magnetic etc all kinds of magnetic materials, magnetic tile, tile shape, circular heterosexual magnets and so on.

Product application:
Products are widely used in automobile motor, speaker, audio, speakers,  fitness equipment, generators, DC magnetron car motor, all kinds of water pump motor, hydraulic motor, solar power hydraulic motor,  microphone, earphone, machinery, loudspeaker, security systems, door suction, suspension maglev, motor, generator, sensors, health care, magnetic separator, lifting device, starting motor, ABS system, eddy current devices, brake, alternator, instrumentation, magnetic clamp, electric cars, switching power supplies, relay broadcast equipment, cylindrical magnet, cleaning machine, toys and other fields.
Product features:
1. The high remanence
2. High coercive force
3. High magnetic energy product
4. High cost performance
5. Easy processing into small sizes
6, less process
7. Transportation is convenient
Product advantage:
1. The pre-market after-sales service and comprehensive
2. I do your own tool and fixture less time, products of good quality and fast for the sample
3. The production cycle is short, fast delivery cycle
4. Mould, clamp size specifications
5. Magnetic material in motor I company can solve the related problem
6. A supplier of high quality magnets

We pursue "quality first, customer first, small profits, mix with virtue" is the management idea, to "create value for employees, create benefits for customers, for the development of Chinese magnetic material industry struggle for life! " As the mission will, as always with superior quality and competitive magnetic products. Warmly welcome all customer calls to inquire!
Customized production to meet customer demand for the production of various magnetic tile!
We have been in line with low price, high quality, fast delivery, service good business model, in Shanghai, Jiangsu region have sound reputation, welcome!

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Contact phone: +86-510-83781871 or (+86)13506196722
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