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Production Process And Common Knowledge Of Strong NdFeB Magnet
Jul 31, 2017

Production Process and Common Knowledge of Strong NdFeB Magnet
NdFeB Magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets in today's magnets. They are called magnetic magnets by NdFeB magnets. They have a very high magnetic function. The maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) is higher than that of ferrite Body (Ferrite) more than 10 times, it not only has a high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high function quotation and other characteristics, its own mechanical processing function is also quite good, the working temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius, It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, electro-acoustic, electromechanical, instrument, appearance, medical skills and other equipment that requires permanent magnetic field equipment, especially for the development of high-performance, miniaturization, light of the various product.
method of packing:
   General packaging and export packaging
1, temperature
Customers in the selection of NdFeB Magnets should be selected according to their working temperature suitable for their own NdFeB magnets trademark, if the working temperature is higher than the NdFeB magnets trademark acceptance temperature, the NdFeB magnets will gradually demagnetize until no magnetic. Before ordering, please confirm the good working temperature and the appropriate self-use of the trademark.
 2, the environment
If the use of NdFeB magnets equipment in the sealed condition, you can think about the appearance of non-plating or zinc-plated NdFeB magnets, so you can save money, if the NdFeB magnets exposed to humid air, especially salt Under the idea of thinking about the appearance of nickel-plated NdFeB magnets. NdFeB magnets should be stored in a boring, constant temperature environment, use plastic, wood, hard paper, foam and so separated and wrapped. Should be away from iron and easy to be magnetized items such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and so on.
 3, user goals
On the environment, on the relatively developed countries, such as North America, Europe and other users to pay special attention to environmental aspects of the matter, export use must go through SGS EU six norms. On the domestic or some less developed countries, users do not think about environmental protection requirements.
 4, transfer and accumulation
 NdFeB Magnet Information Hard, brittle, strong magnetic field, to lightly put (especially large standards and thin), when the strong NdFeB magnets themselves or with other iron suction or separation, be careful not to impact The Or easily caused by bumps and damage the NdFeB magnets or pinch your fingers. As the NdFeB is a multi-metal alloy, the density of 7.45, with heavy and brittle characteristics. So in the transfer of moving time to be particularly careful to avoid the broken pieces. Storage should also keep the environment boring, do not directly stacked on the ground, the best pad on the cardboard or placed on the shelf. If the straight use of NdFeB magnets is not only difficult to remove, and simply lead to NdFeB magnets bump broken. Accurate method: quietly to the surrounding break apart can be put back when it should be gradually from the outside to the slide.
5, access to information
 When the NdFeB magnets can not be separated from each other when the proposed flat push the wrong, must not hard pull pry. With the left hand fixed the whole NdFeB magnets, right hand with the index finger and thumb, the level of removal of NdFeB magnets, do not immediately after the move out of the NdFeB magnet thrown into the NdFeB magnet stack, please immediately The NdFeB magnets are blocked. (3 cm or more), or the paper is wrapped in paper, so that it is safe. If you need to put the NdFeB magnet into the whole NdFeB magnet inside, please gradually put back, close from the edge of the move into the distance. The hand must take the NdFeB magnet to seize, until the NdFeB magnet has now moved into.

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