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Production Process And Common Knowledge Of Strong Motor Magnetic Segment
Jun 22, 2017

Production Process and Common Knowledge of Strong Motor Magnetic Segment
The magnetic field is the strongest permanent magnet in the current magnet, which is called magnetic king, which has a very high magnetic function. The maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) is more than 10 times higher than that of Ferrite. It is not only It has its own mechanical processing function is also quite good, the working temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius, is now widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, high-power, high energy, , Electro-acoustic, electromechanical, instrument, appearance, medical skills and other equipment that requires permanent magnetic field equipment, especially for the development of high-performance, miniaturization, light of the various replacement products.
The offer of its magnet products is mainly composed of three parts: data costs, processing costs, the appearance of processing costs, product prices are usually between 200 ~ 300 / kg. From the appearance of looks much higher than the average ferrite, but the functional volume per unit volume than the point of view, the motor segment has a clear advantage. Compared with the general permanent ferrite, the magnetic energy of the magnetic field is nearly 10 times higher. If the same magnetic field is to be generated, the volume of the magnetic field is only one tenth of that of the ferrite.
Electromagnetic sucker compared with mechanical fixture. With fast clamping. Operation of the magnet plant quickly and easily, without damage to the workpiece, one can handle a number of small parts, as well as grinding the workpiece can be free to stretch, not deformation and so on. The disadvantage is that only the workpiece can not suck the ferromagnetic material, can not suck non-magnetic materials (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) of the workpiece.
Electromagnetic chuck circuit is divided into three parts: including rectifier circuit, control circuit and protection circuit. The function of the resistor R3 is to provide the discharge path to the coil to release the magnetic field energy released by the coil when the electromagnetic chuck is de-energized. Undercurrent relay KA is used to prevent the electromagnetic chuck off the workpiece when the workpiece out of the accident.
The magnetic field is mainly used in the permanent magnet DC motor, and the electromagnetic motor through the excitation coil magnetic potential is not the same, the permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material source of stable magnetic potential. Permanent magnet motor magnetic field replacement electric excitation has many advantages, can make the motor structure is simple, easy maintenance, heavy motor motor block light, small size, the use of solid, with copper Motor Magnetic Segment manufacturers less, low copper consumption Consumption and so small.
Effect of Motor Magnetic Segment Performance on Motor
(1) high residual magnetic induction intensity Br. Because Br is high, but the motor motor motor block to ensure that the motor has a high speed, large output torque and large power. The motor will have a higher efficiency.
(2) high Hcb. Because Hcb high, to ensure that the motor output required to make the electromotive force, so that the motor operating point close to the maximum energy product, make full use of the magnet's ability.
(3) high Hcj. Hcj high to ensure that the motor has a strong anti-overload demagnetization and anti-aging, anti-low temperature ability.
(4) high (BH) max. (BH) max, the higher the operating coefficient of the permanent magnet ferrite operating in the motor.

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