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Present Situation And Development Prospect Of Magnet Material In China
Jun 15, 2017

Present Situation and Development Prospect of Magnet Material in China

1, product output and output value is not suitable

China's magnet material industry in production has begun to take shape, but in the high-end products have not yet formed a strong international competitiveness.

2, magnet products performance is low

The production performance of NdFeB magnets is generally around N35 (magnetic energy product of 35MGOE), N40 above and high coercivity grade N38H. N32SH only a few companies can produce. Foreign launch of the new brand has reached N50, N48H.

3, the production process and equipment is relatively backward

China's total sales of magnetic materials equipment reached 143 million yuan, to provide complete sets of production equipment. Therefore, domestic enterprises should try to use a high degree of automation of continuous production lines, reduce the impact of human factors to ensure product consistency.

Second, the development direction of soft ferrite

Currently the most widely used soft ferrite, according to the use and materials can be divided into: manganese zinc power ferrite materials, communications and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with manganese zinc high permeability ferrite materials, deflection coil with manganese Ferrite materials, radio frequency broadband and electronic interference (EMI) suppression nickel zinc ferrite materials and other four categories. Materials to further high-frequency, high permeability and low loss development, that is, two high and one low direction. The device is miniaturized, chip and surface mount.

Permanent ferrite material

As the demand for high-grade magnets such as automobiles and computers increases, the proportion of high-grade permanent ferrite in China will rise rapidly. It is expected that the proportion of Y30H-1 series of high-grade products will increase from 40% in 2000 to over 60% (about 126,000 tons) in 2005, and the output of Y30H-2 brand and above will reach 10 % (About 21,300 tons), the overall export volume increased to 50% or more.

NdFeB magnets

Due to the abundant raw material resources, cheap labor and huge application market, NdFeB magnets have many advantages in China. With the advent of patent expiry, "15" period to be a greater development is certain. In addition to the middle and low-grade products steadily occupied the market, focusing on the development of high-end products, material performance to N45, N38H and N32H, the total output will reach 10,000 tons.

China's magnet industry in the 21st century by virtue of its own advantages, will become the world's magnet material power.

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