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Nonferrous Metals: Development And Win - Win Of China 's Rare Earth Magnetic Materials Industry Chain
May 20, 2017

China is the world's large rare earth resources, and is also the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of rare earths. Over the years the domestic rare earth industry due to serious overcapacity, industry competition is chaotic, rare earth resources are lost at low prices. On the contrary, Japan, South Korea and other countries, although there is no rare earth resources, but has been purchased from China enough to use 20 years of rare earth products as a reserve, and gradually control the rare earth international pricing. After experiencing a sharp decline in the previous period, the current rare earth prices are still at historically low levels.

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In recent years, the use of rare earth in the field of new materials has developed rapidly, in 2008 accounted for 52.5% of the total domestic rare earth consumption. Among them, the permanent magnet material is rare earth new material consumption an important part of the field. At present, NdFeB and other permanent magnet materials have been widely used in electronic information, automotive industry, medical equipment and energy and transportation and other fields. At the same time, with technology continues to evolve and costs fall, in many emerging areas, such as wind power, electric vehicles, energy saving and home appliances and industrial energy-saving motor, NdFeB permanent magnet materials also show strong development potential. Due to the high cost of labor, the global rare earth permanent magnet materials industry has been completed by the Western developed to the development of the transfer. In 2008, China's sintered NdFeB production of 51,000 tons, accounting for 81.0% of global production, the world's rare earth permanent magnet materials, the main supply.

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