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NdFeB Segment Maintenance Using Common Sense
Oct 20, 2017

NdFeB Segment maintenance using common sense
It is well known that the NdFeB Segment is a small product in the valve product series. He is easy to install, quick and easy to use, and does not occupy the place. Modern people want to make full use of it. In the process of using NdFeB To maintain the routine, making it to the greatest effect of the sensor magnet and longer service life. NdFeB Segment of the cost is low, if we do not go to maintenance can not make the best use, we will change and worry time to produce some loss. We can only try to maintain it, so that its life greatly improved, for us to use.
NdFeB Segment how to maintain, in order to enlarge its effect, following Xiaobian together to understand the next.
NdFeB Segment in a sealed cavity, open holes in different locations, each hole leading to different headphones magnet tubing, the middle of the cavity is the valve, both sides are two electromagnets, which side of the magnet coil valve body It will be attracted to which side, by controlling the movement of the valve to stance or leakage of different drainage holes, and the oil hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter a different drain pipe, and then through the oil pressure To promote the piston cylinder, the piston and drive the piston rod, piston rod drive mechanical device moving. This controls the mechanical movement by controlling the current of the electromagnet.
How does NdFeB make effective maintenance?
1, NdFeB Segment of the maintenance from the start of its installation, NdFeB Segment is the key to the installation of the first, we need to understand how the NdFeB Segment is installed and the correct installation, including the installation before the cleaning, Installation location to avoid water installation, installation and stability will be fixed so as not to cause the NdFeB Segment vibration off, installation and use of the environment should be safe, non-explosion-proof series of NdFeB Segment to non-flammable and explosive use.
2, NdFeB Segment after the installation of media to be tested for testing to confirm the performance of NdFeB Segment and control all normal before they can put into normal use.
3, neodymium iron boron section of the clean: regular cleaning NdFeB Segment inside and outside the adsorption of dirty things, but be careful not to damage the sealing surface; if not used for a long time, should be removed NdFeB Segment, the internal parts cleaning Net before storage.
5, the use of a long time, such as between the piston and the seal between the seal is not good, the piston seal surface can be re-polished, and then seat grinding.
6, the proposed valve before the installation of filters and pressure gauges, filters can ensure that the NdFeB Segment of the pipeline clean without impurities into the pressure gauge can be timely to know the pressure of the pipeline to reduce the pressure caused by excessive damage to the NdFeB Segment, thus Extended service life.
7, NdFeB Segment of the work process, pay special attention to the pressure gauge, the working pressure must be within the differential pressure range, when the working pressure exceeds the rated pressure or working pressure exceeds the rated difference, immediately stop the NdFeB Segment Use, close the manual valve before and after, so as not to cause leakage of NdFeB Segment or the occurrence of unnecessary losses.
NdFeB Segment of the maintenance is actually very simple, as long as we usually use the attention, it is fully able to make it play a greater role, but it is worth recalling that the ordinary NdFeB Segment is best not to be placed in an explosive environment , If the use of the working environment and the media are flammable and explosive substances, then you must use explosion-proof NdFeB Segment.

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