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NdFeB Segment In The Electrical Products Which Work Principle
Aug 18, 2017

NdFeB Segment in the electrical products which work principle
NdFeB Segment in the electrical working principle is its application principle based on the magnetic field on the current-carrying wire generated ampere effect, can be converted into non-electrical energy belongs to the magnetic field on the role of current-carrying wire.
The headset is a permanent magnet that is combined with a basic part of a coil, a soft iron, a permanent NdFeB Segment, and an iron vibrating diaphragm. When working in a headset, the diaphragm is attracted by the permanent magnet in the absence of an audio current But there is still a certain gap between them, no, otherwise the diaphragm is sucked and can not vibrate. In the case of magnetic NdFeB Segments, when the audio current passes through the coil, an additional sinusoidal alternating magnetic field is generated in the permanent magnet, which enhances and weakens the permanent magnetic field, and thus the attraction of the diaphragm is enhanced and weakened accordingly The At this time the diaphragm on its balance position as the center of internal and external vibration. The vibration frequency coincides with the signal current. If there is no magnet in the case, the first half of the sinusoidal current into the coil in the NdFeB Segment of the magnetic field to attract the film to attract the film once, and in the other half of the cycle of magnetic field and attract the diaphragm once, the signal current Change the week, the diaphragm will be inside and outside the vibration twice, so that the sound issued by the two frequencies in the signal current.
Longer use of the headset, the permanent magnet of the magnetic properties of the reduction. To give a relatively weak magnetization, you can enhance the output of the headphone 4 for the sensitivity of the rate. Headphones, hearing aids, voice coil motors, magnetic vibrators, and vibration motors are basically the same.
 NdFeB Segment magnetic materials, as the latest results of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, because of its excellent magnetic properties known as the "magnetic king." Iron boron strong NdFeB Segment with small size, light weight and strong magnetic characteristics, is by far the best cost performance of the magnet. Production of NdFeB Segment strong NdFeB Segment of the main raw materials are metal neodymium, pure iron, boron iron alloy and other additives.
NdFeB Segment in the illness and health care industry, a large number of practical and scientific experiments show that NdFeB Segment high-strength magnetization can change the water surface tension, density, solubility and other physical properties of acid and other chemical properties have a significant impact, magnetized water can increase Water activity and biofilm permeability, regular drinking can be physical health, conditioning the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and neurological function, improve human immunity, prevention and treatment of various diseases.
NdFeB Segment in the anti-scaling industry, the water through the NdFeB Segment high-strength magnetization treatment, the water molecules at the same time the angle and length of deformation, hydrogen bond angle from 105 degrees to about 103 degrees, so that the physical chemistry of water The nature of a series of changes in water activity and solubility greatly improved, the water in the process of decomposition of calcium carbonate generated lower soft calcium bicarbonate, easy to accumulate in the wall, easily taken away by water. In addition, the degree of polymerization of water is improved, and the dissolved solid matter becomes finer particles. After the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is small, and it is not easy to coagulate on the wall, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.
NdFeB Segment of environmental protection and energy conservation is becoming an important factor affecting the development of manufacturing industries, and NdFeB Segment is the manufacture of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, one of the main raw materials. Such as NdFeB Segment in the automotive, compressors, wind turbines and other fields of application, it is for environmental protection and energy conservation considerations. NdFeB Segment as environmentally friendly energy-saving functional materials, its application will be more extensive. In the era of increasingly tense energy, the wind energy into electricity will undoubtedly be supported by government policy, wind power is currently in large-scale implementation in Europe, before the 1 MW unit using NdFeB Segment roughly 1 ton, thanks to wind The rapid growth of the power generation industry, NdFeB Segment in the wind turbine in the amount will also increase rapidly.

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