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NdFeB Segment In Life And Industry On Different Effects
Aug 31, 2017

NdFeB Segment in life and industry on different effects
NdFeB Segment of magnetic materials, as rare earth permanent magnet material development of the latest results, because of its excellent magnetic properties and known as the "magnetic king." Iron boron strong magnets with small size, light weight and strong magnetic characteristics, is by far the best cost performance of the magnet. The main raw materials for the production of NdFeB magnets are metal neodymium, pure iron, boron iron alloy and other additives.
NdFeB Segment in the illnesses and health care industry, a large number of practical and scientific experiments show that NdFeB Segment of high-strength magnetization can change the water surface tension, density, solubility and other physical properties, acid and other chemical properties have a significant impact, magnetized water Increase the activity of the enzyme and biofilm permeability, often drink can be physical health, conditioning the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and neurological function, improve human immunity, prevention and treatment of various diseases.
NdFeB Segment in the anti-scaling industry, water through the NdFeB Segment of high-strength magnetization treatment, the water molecules at the same time the angle and length of deformation, hydrogen bond angle from 105 degrees to 103 degrees, so that the physical water Chemical properties of a series of changes in water activity and solubility greatly improved, the water in the process of decomposition of calcium carbonate generated lower soft calcium bicarbonate, easy to accumulate in the wall, easily taken away by water. In addition, the degree of polymerization of water is improved, and the dissolved solid matter becomes finer particles. After the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is small, and it is not easy to coagulate on the wall, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.
NdFeB Segment of environmental protection and energy conservation is becoming an important factor affecting the development of manufacturing industries, and NdFeB segment is the manufacture of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, one of the main raw materials. Such as NdFeB Segment in the automotive, compressors, wind turbines and other fields of application, it is out of environmental protection and energy conservation considerations. NdFeB as a functional energy-saving environmental protection materials, its application will be more extensive. In the era of increasingly tense energy, the wind energy into electricity will undoubtedly be supported by government policy, wind power is currently in Europe has been large-scale implementation, before the 1 MW unit using NdFeB Segment roughly 1 ton, thanks to The rapid growth of the wind power industry, NdFeB Segment in the wind turbine in the amount will also increase rapidly.
NdFeB Segment is the most widely used magnet, but also has a very good medical effect.
The role of the human body can correct the magnetic field of the human body itself, and by enhancing the human body meridian bio-electromagnetic energy, to promote the gas running, so as to achieve through the meridians, increase the brain blood supply oxygen, reduce the cerebral cortex peripheral nerve excitability, Spleen, liver, and perianal organs and local blood supply to promote the local blood circulation, and venous blood reflux, reduce capillary permeability, promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation and promote the metabolism of bone and joint tissue , Hypnosis, anti-inflammatory analgesic, sedative, blood circulation and eliminate the effect of anxiety. Commonly used for a variety of diseases, physical therapy.
Using high coercivity NdFeB Segment. The NdFeB Segment is made into 2-3mm thick, 10mm diameter round, 10-20mm square or rectangular, or a few pieces connected into a variety of shapes such as band.
When used by the fracture site, fracture type and fracture length. Selection of NdFeB Segment of the corresponding shape of magnetic, magnetic field is generally adjusted in the 800-1000 Gauss. Fracture reduction combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine approach, as soon as possible an accurate reset early, the fracture ends to reconciliation to the line is better satisfaction. Or surgical line of stainless steel plate, the needle will be fixed at the end of fracture. The selected iron and boron wood chips, strips and strips are placed in the corresponding manner on the inside and outside of the fracture, and the bandage or plywood (or the fish is replaced by the splint) or the gypsum is fixed.
The use of high coercive NdFeB treatment of fractures is based on the basis of human body material electrical properties, magnetic characteristics, the main role is to improve blood circulation, accelerate tissue metabolism and repair. Application of this law, we should pay attention to a fixed degree of tightness to the appropriate force to make up and down the tape 1cm is appropriate. This method has a good effect on the treatment of bone hyperplasia, soft tissue injury, delayed fracture healing and nonunion. NdFeB Segment of the low cost, generally magnetized once, can be used continuously for more than 5 years, and re-magnetic re-use. This method is easy to operate, clinical can be applied.

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