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Main Use Of Energy-saving Motor Magnetic Tile And Installation Method
Jan 16, 2017

Slice of energy-saving motors are mainly used in permanent-magnet DC motor, motor magnetic tile with slice of electromagnetic motors with separately excited motor coils produce different magnetic potential source, permanent magnet motors are permanent magnet material constant magnetic potential sources. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of gas and electric excitation has a lot of advantages, can make the motor of simple structure, easy maintenance, low weight and small size, the use of reliable, used copper less, low copper loss, low energy consumption and so on.

Energy-saving motor magnetic w General has two species, a is low speed of, with AB rubber stick received; a DC motor magnetic w is high speed of with AB rubber stick received Hou again with stainless steel sets fixed; will only with AB rubber stick received of many in outside added a layer Shuo rubber, such a is can fixed with, a is can prevent iron things adsorption to magnet surface bad removal, or removal Shi put magnet surface electrophoresis layer damage! General 3000RPM, diameter is less than 55 AB adhesive bonding is no big deal!

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