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Magnetic Tile Production Process Which
Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic tile according to different material and category, which also vary widely.

Ferrite sintered ferrite, NdFeB magnetic tiles are divided into sintering and bonding of the two classes

1, sintered ferrite tile production technology consists of a wet compression, dry pressing, dry pressing the same sex of the opposite sex, heterosexual and same-sex is the difference lies in press molding orientation of the magnetic field. It focuses on wet compression process

Wet compression process is: – burning – thick pieces (a mill)-ingredients-the second milling (wet milling)-magnetic field sintering – – – cleaning – magnetic grinding. Molded pulp contains water, forming particles in magnetic fields easier to turn than the compression can get a high degree of orientation, its performance is higher.

2, sintered ND-Fe-b magnetic tile: batching – melting – crushing – milling – magnetic field molding--static-pressure-vacuum sintering and tempering – wire processing--plating – magnetized

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