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Magnetic Tile According To The Characteristics And Areas Of Application
Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic w according to application field different, on performance and magnetic field waveform requirements also different, as rotor field, besides arc surface table field requirements high, waveform basic requirements for sine wave; as stator, is according to motor running machine magnetic w of output requirements, sparks and noise of different requirements motor magnetic w manufacturers for select, for stator of magnetic w, therein arc table field high, for magnetic w itself shape and production characteristics decided, its waveform main for saddle, the class waveform output big, but sparks noise, no-load magnetic w production manufacturers current big. Magnetic performance of ferrite tile at high frequencies with high permeability. Thus, the ferrite has become high-frequency weak field uses a wide range of nonmetallic magnetic materials.

Magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent-magnet DC motor, electromagnetic motors and magnetic potential source generated by the excitation coil, permanent magnet motors are permanent magnet material constant magnetic potential sources. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has a lot of advantages, can make the motor of simple structure, easy maintenance, low weight and small size, the use of reliable, used copper less, low copper loss, low energy consumption and so on. Magnetic tile is basically used for stator, most miniature DC motor using ferrite magnetic tile, mainly used in the field of toys, home appliances, automobiles.

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