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In Particular Of Ferrite Magnet
Oct 20, 2017

In particular of Ferrite Magnet
1, the system is simple, then access the computer, the price is low modest.
The Ferrite Magnet are simple in structure and low in price, and are easier to install and maintain than other types of magnet actuators. What is more remarkable is the composition of the suction magnetic magnetic control system is much simpler, the price is much lower. As the Ferrite Magnet are switching signal control, and industrial computer connection is very convenient. In today's popular computer, the price dropped significantly in the era of Ferrite Magnet advantage is even more obvious.
2, the adjustment accuracy is limited, applicable media limited.
Ferrite Magnet are usually only switch two states, the spool can only be in the magnet two extreme positions, can not be continuously adjusted, (trying to break a lot of new ideas, but also in the trial trial stage) so the adjustment accuracy is subject to certain restrictions The
Ferrite Magnet on the media cleanliness has a higher demand, containing granular media can not be applied, if the impurities must first filter. In addition, viscous media can not be applied, and the specific product for the medium viscosity range is relatively narrow.
3, action express, power is small, lightweight appearance.
The ferrite magnet response time can be as short as several milliseconds, even the pilot Ferrite Magnet can also be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Due to self-loop, than other self-control valve reaction more sensitive. Designed Ferrite Magnet coil power consumption is very low, is energy-saving products; can also do just trigger the action, automatically keep the valve position, usually not power consumption at all. Ferrite Magnet small size, both to save space, but also lightweight and beautiful.
4, external leakage blocked, easy to control the internal leakage, the use of safety.
Internal and external leakage is a factor that threatens safety. Other self-control valve is usually the stem out, by the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator control spool rotation or movement. This is to solve the long-term action of the valve stem seal leakage problems; only Ferrite Magnet are used in the electromagnetic force applied to the seal in the casing of the iron core to complete, there is no dynamic seal, so leakage easily blocked. Electric valve torque control is not easy, easy to produce internal leakage, or even pull the stem head; ferrite magnet structure type easy to control the internal leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of Ferrite Magnet is particularly safe, especially for corrosive, toxic or high and low temperature media.
5, the number of diverse, widely used.
Although the Ferrite Magnet are inherently deficient, the advantages are still very prominent, so it is designed into a variety of products to meet a variety of different needs, the use of very wide. Ferrite magnet technology advances are also around how to overcome the inherent deficiencies, how to better play the inherent advantages and start.
Ferrite Magnet is widely used, can be used for electro-acoustic, telecommunications, electricity meters, motors, but also luggage magnetic memory components, such as microwave components. A magnetic tape that can be used for recording language, music, image information, a magnetic storage device of a computer, a voucher for passenger travel, and a magnetic card for clearing the fare. The following focuses on the use of Ferrite Magnet on the tape and the principle of action.
We know that hard Ferrite Magnet is magnetized, but also left remanence, remanence of the strength and direction with the magnetization of the magnetic strength and direction. The recording tape is composed of a base, a binder and a magnetic powder layer. The base is usually made of polycarbonate or vinyl chloride. Magnetic powder is a strong residual r-Fe2O3 or CrO2 powder. When recording, the current corresponding to the change of sound is amplified and sent to the coil of the recording head to produce a concentrated magnetic field in the multi-pole magnetic ring of the Ferrite Magnet. As the coil current changes, the direction and intensity of the magnetic field also changes accordingly. As the tape passes through the head gap at a uniform rate, the magnetic field passes through the tape and magnetizes it. As the tape leaves the head after leaving the corresponding remanence, its polarity and intensity corresponding to the original sound. The tape is constantly moving and the sound is constantly being recorded on the tape.

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