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How To Keep Ferrite Segment Magnet Magnetic Long
Jul 07, 2017

How to keep Ferrite Segment Magnet magnetic long

The Ferrite Segment Magnet is also called a magnet, which is an object that is surrounded by material and has a magnetic field. Artificial Ferrite Segment Magnets are usually made of metal alloys and are strongly magnetic. Ferromagnetism refers to the magnetic state of a material with spontaneous magnetization. Some material materials are magnetized in the presence of external magnetic fields, and even when the external magnetic field disappears, they can remain magnetized and magnetic, which is the spontaneous magnetization. All permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets have Ferrite Segment Magnets or Ferrite Segment Magnets.

Ferrite Segment Magnets are man-made magnets made of steel or some alloys and are magnetized. If properly preserved, they can remain magnetic for long periods of time. To remind you not to reduce the magnetism of Ferrite Segment Magnets, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Ferrite Segment Magnet must not be placed in the vicinity of strong current;

2. Ferrite Segment Magnets cannot be baked on fire and heated;

3. Ferrite Segment Magnets cannot be knocked and vibrated violently;

4. Small Ferrite Segment Magnets cannot be put together with large Ferrite Segment Magnets;

5. Hoofed Ferrite Segment Magnets should also be added to the poles with a piece of soft iron to connect the poles together and invert the South Pole of adjacent Ferrite Segment Magnets.

As a special product, Ferrite Segment Magnets are transported. What should they pay attention to? This powerful Ferrite Segment Magnet manufacturer to explain to you.

Ferrite Segment Magnets transport mainly attention to the problem of two kinds, one is how to protect the Ferrite Segment Magnets, the other is how to prevent Ferrite Segment Magnet magnetic field produced by the damage to the surrounding environment and people. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the environment of Ferrite Segment Magnets in the transportation process is dry. If the humidity is high, it can lead to corrosion of Ferrite Segment Magnets. It is also possible to apply some anti-rust oil on the surface of the Ferrite Segment Magnet to prevent the rust of Ferrite Segment Magnets. For the Ferrite Segment Magnets with electroplating layer, vacuum transport should be adopted to prevent corrosion of electroplating.

In addition, the temperature of transportation must not be too high, the Ferrite Segment Magnet generally exceeds 80 degrees will appear the problem of demagnetization, so, during transportation, try to keep at room temperature level. Secondly, in order to prevent the collision between the Ferrite Segment Magnets in the transportation process, it is best to isolate the Ferrite Segment Magnet from the magnet. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to prevent the violent collision, in the process of handling, the operators should also try to be light.

Next, it is to solve the environmental impact of Ferrite Segment Magnetic field. First, try not to transport Ferrite Segment Magnets, computers, watches, and other things that are sensitive to magnetic fields. To the problem of how to shield the magnetic field of the simplest method is to Ferrite Segment Magnets with tin good outside, or with carbon steel can, then the Ferrite Segment Magnet magnetic arrayed, make its internal form a good magnetic circuit. When choosing the means of transport, maglev train and air is right choice, however, the price will be higher, and, if for air, so, the shielding of the magnetic field work will be tougher.

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