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How To Add The Magnetic Properties Of A Strong Ferrite Segment Magnet
Jun 22, 2017

How to add the magnetic properties of a strong Ferrite Segment Magnet
Strong Ferrite Segment Magnets in the use of the process, due to a variety of Ferrite Segment Magnets plant situation caused by strong Ferrite Segment Magnets weakened. So that the strong Ferrite Segment Magnets can not reach the production requirements of the magnetic request, then how should we be able to enhance the magnetic properties of strong Ferrite Segment Magnets?
  First of all need to understand, from the perspective of the Ferrite Segment Magnet itself, the strong Ferrite Segment Magnets in order to add magnetic, unless it is not full of magnetic, or due to the use of the process by various factors (violent sensation, current, temperature ) The effect of the demagnetization occurred, otherwise it is not possible to add magnetic.
Add a magnetic approach:
 1. The most simple way we can start from the Ferrite Segment Magnet magnetization, to reach full magnetization of the situation.
 2. Magnetic circuit design method will be a collection of magnetic flux in the yoke and then a strong suction.
 3. Can be used to gather the magnetic field line method, in the Ferrite Segment Magnet on a fused Ferrite Segment Magnet plate, in the Ferrite Segment Magnet plate on the edges and edges will be a higher magnetic field.
 4. Magnetic force does not have to worry, can be on the other side of the Ferrite Segment Magnet with iron to strengthen the magnetic force, then the use of Ferrite Segment Magnet surface.
Ferrite Segment Magnets manufacturers understand the permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets are not permanent magnetic elements of the Ferrite Segment Magnets will change its magnetic not only high temperature, the collision will make it lose magnetic, strong magnetic field can also change its magnetic pole and its magnetic The strength of the magnetic changes with the size of the alternating magnetic field can quickly be able to demagnetize the magnetic non-permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets do not have to explain the so-called permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets just a title, not to be the title of the binding test confirmed, When the Ferrite Segment Magnets are red, they lose their magnetism.

What is the reason for this? To make this reason clear, we must first know that ferromagnetism materials will be magnetic? From the material composition, all the material is composed of its molecules. The molecule is made up of atoms. The atom is made up of nuclei and electrons, and electrons are spinning and rotating around the nucleus. Both of these movements of electrons occur magnetic. However, because the direction of their movement is not the same, mess, so that the magnetic effect within the material offset each other. Thus, the substance does not exhibit magnetic properties under normal circumstances.

NdFeB strong Ferrite Segment Magnets manufacturers say permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, can also be made by artificial (the strongest Ferrite Segment Magnets are neodymium iron boron Ferrite Segment Magnets). Non-permanent Ferrite Segment Magnets heated to a certain temperature will suddenly lose the magnetic, which is composed of Ferrite Segment Magnets constitute a lot of "yuan magnet" placed from order to disorder caused by the loss of magnetic Ferrite Segment Magnet into the magnetic field, when the magnetization reaches a certain value, it is magnetized, "yuan magnet" placed from disorder to orderly.

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