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How Much Of The Ferrite Segment Magnet Is Radiated
Aug 18, 2017

How much of the Ferrite Segment Magnet is radiated
   The term is that the magnetism of the Ferrite Segment Magnets is smaller. So in the distance under the ordinary magnet to provide the suction will be higher than the Ferrite Segment Magnets. 30CM for a single magnet, whether it is strong or ordinary, are unable to sense enough suction. Of course enough of the block arrangement can achieve this effect.
   Conventionally refers to ferrite or other materials. In fact, the Ferrite Segment Magnets compared with ordinary magnets, which is characterized by large field, the multiple is about 4 times. Another feature is the high gradient. The gradient represents the change of the magnetic field per unit length. As far as the field is infinity, the magnetic field strength decreases faster and the gradient is higher. On the other hand, the magnetic field of the Ferrite Segment Magnet is more affected by the distance change.
Ferrite Segment Magnets in the use of the process must ensure that the workplace is clean, so it is not easy to attract iron and other small particles of magnetic particles and thus affect the use. And the characteristics of Ferrite Segment Magnets is hard and brittle, while suction can also achieve their own weight of more than 600 times, easy to suck and damage. At the same time in the operation of the process for small size also must be very careful to avoid bump damage, but also for large size, then it must be noted that personal safety and protection.
Ferrite Segment Magnets in the storage time, we must pay attention to keep the indoor ventilation and dry, otherwise, if it is humid environment is particularly easy to make the magnet rust. At the same time the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the magnet. In addition there is no plating products in the storage of the proposed when the appropriate oil rust, and magnetic products must be stored in the appropriate away from the disk, magnetic cards, tape, computer monitors, watches and other sensitive objects for the magnetic field. In addition, because the magnet material is more brittle, because in the transportation, plating (plating), the installation process, we must ensure that the magnet is not subject to severe impact, if the method is not appropriate, it is particularly easy to cause magnetic damage, crack, so Ferrite Segment Magnet magnetized state of transport should be shielded, especially in the air transport must be completely shielded.
The Ferrite Segment Magnets manufacturing process can be simplified to achieve smaller and cheaper products, but also to enhance the reliability of the connection and higher design freedom. In addition to TV commercials, street kiosks, posters in magazines, magazines, paper bags, packaging paper bags are full of commercials. As the pre-sale housing only sample model, no entity for reference, this time should be a reputable to build business priority, and then to consider other factors. Developed a special vegetable and fruit packaging cartons, used to wrap fruit. In the village where the bouncing past the alley to meet the alley next to the alley Lane Lane, Ferrite Segment Magnet the bottom of the road is the pump pumping spring, after the class will be chanting to the only side of the store to the bowl to eat noodles to eat. In the Han Emperor, Luan large first to create a piece of magnet, as the court of toys.
My home electric toothbrush is to use sealed rubber button switch, so it will not be used because of long-term use, by the switch seepage and failure. Is a comprehensive provider of technology, Ferrite Segment Magnet products and services in the field of cross-media information dissemination, and is a global provider of newspaper, publishing and printing. Old air compressor even the fire, so that the factory suffered heavy losses, but also to medical treatment. Silicone rubber has good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, insulation and other characteristics, is a very good material. And this part of the key factors is the number of mold development and aluminum core production technology, mold development requires capital investment, Ferrite Segment Magnet aluminum core production technology is difficult and high. Asia in recent years also actively toward the high value-added products and optoelectronics industry with the development of tape and PE film.

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