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How Do Ferrite Segment Magnet Are Made
Jul 18, 2017

How do Ferrite Segment Magnet are made

Ferrite Segment Magnet can also known as ndfeb permanent magnet materials, can be divided into sintered ndfeb and ferrite magnet bonded ndfeb, the characteristics of the two magnets are: every direction of bonded ndfeb magnetic, corrosion resistance; Sintered neodymium iron boron is prone to corrosion, the surface needs coating, such as: galvanizing, nickel, environmental zinc, environmental nickel, nickel copper nickel, environmental nickel copper nickel, etc. This is in the magnet, the magnet manufacturer yongbang magnetic industry to explain how the ferrite magnet is made.

Ferrite magnet manufacturing method with powder metallurgy method, fast melt quenching method, reduction of diffusion method and four methods of adhesive magnet, ferrite magnet system of the sintered body is heterogeneous, besides Nd2Fe14B, there are rich nd exist, therefore part Nd15Fe77B8 nominal ingredients during smelting, the alloy ingot by ball mill and grain size is about 3 microns powder, and then in the direction perpendicular to the external magnetic field (~ 10 koe) pressure molding. The compressed billet is sintered in the protective atmosphere at about 1380K and then quickly cooled. Then it is sintered and cooled at the temperature of the melting point of neodymium (about 880K).

Ferrite Segment Magnet as a mature industrial products has been around for a long time in the market, since 1982, has had more widely used in many fields, due to the similar products in the same volume contrast, have higher magnetic effect, because the parts are widely used in more detail. And according to the market to adjust the economy, of ferrite magnet material prices have remained in a relatively stable price, the price of the long time of ferrite magnet relative floating is not big, then what's the reason that led to this result? Is the quality!

Quality is the fundamental reason to maintain a product that can be produced and sold, which is also common on Ferrite Segment Magnet. Ndfeb Ferrite Segment Magnet in the development of the price of success is very high, is the endogenous production in the market is still small, at a time when many after the demand to raise prices to get this kind of magnetic material, but with the expansion of the production, the increase of production, the production and demand in the market is relatively stable, the factors which can affect the price of the most important is the quality.

Although production increased, but different magnet manufacturer offers the quality of Ferrite Segment Magnet, whether because of the difference of production equipment, or because of technical problems of production workers, have led to the different quality of ndfeb magnet into the market, will inevitably produce contrast, good nature is in short supply, due to the cost problem, also will be slightly higher in price. On the other hand, it is not much equipment of ndfeb magnet material quality is to achieve high, some consumables for ferrite magnet quality requirement is very low, also led to the different quality of Ferrite Segment Magnet have different prices, and then a phenomenon in the different markets.

Powerful magnets have special powers, like electricity, which are invisible and invisible to humans, but their influence is everywhere. Magnets can be easily made for the whole purpose. We all know that there is a gravitational field between things. The same magnetic field that is filled with space around the pole. The more dense the magnetic field, the stronger the magnetic field will be, and the weaker the magnetic field will be. Ferrite Segment Magnet in motion are subjected to a magnetic field called lorentz force. The strength of the magnetic field is different from the strength of the magnetic field due to the magnetic force of the ferrite magnet in a different magnetic field. Tesla is an international unit dedicated to the density of magnetic flux. The density of the flux is the basic physical quantity of the magnetic field, and the magnetic field intensity is the adjuvant of the magnetic field. The ferrite magnet claims permanent magnet, so does it really not demagnetize?

In principle, there are two factors that lead to the demagnetization of Ferrite Segment Magnet: temperature and oxidation, the temperature overtakes the Curie temperature of 300 degrees Celsius and the magnetic field will be lost. If the maintenance is oxidized, it also loses magnetism, which is the biggest reason for the failure of the application of the magnet. Ferrite Segment Magnet have the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetic properties, which are the most expensive magnets to date. Magnet as the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet material, has the very high function price, IT is widely used in power, transportation, machinery, medical profession, IT, household appliances, especially along with the development of information technology represented by knowledge economy, for the rare earth permanent magnet industry constantly bring new useful functions such as material, this bring ndfeb industry more broad market prospect.

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