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Ferrite Segment Magnet Performance Description
Sep 20, 2017

Ferrite Segment Magnet performance description
The magnetic properties of the sintered Ferrite Segment Magnet material are widely used in different technical fields because of its high magnetic properties such as remanence, coercivity and maximum magnetic energy product, and the application prospect is very wide The
    Although the Ferrite Segment Magnet has been widely used for its excellent magnetic properties and low cost, its poor corrosion resistance is a major drawback. The corrosion rate of the Ferrite Segment Magnet sample in the 3% sodium chloride solution was 0.188 g / m2.h and the corrosion rate of the ordinary carbon steel was 0.119 g / m2.h. At the same time, the electrochemical performance test results show that the Ferrite Segment Magnet is more susceptible to corrosion than carbon steel, but the electrochemical properties of the two are similar. Many researchers and researchers at home and abroad study that, Ferrite Segment Magnet is a powder metallurgy products, due to the neodymium phase, boron-rich phase, Ferrite Segment Magnet main phase electrode potential is different, making the Ferrite Segment Magnet corrosion is Electronically dominated intergranular corrosion. Therefore, how to ensure that the Ferrite Segment Magnet body is not corroded and that the magnetic properties of the Ferrite Segment Magnet are not an integral part of the Ferrite Segment Magnet. Ferrite Segment Magnet body of the anti-corrosion mainly nickel, galvanized, phosphating, epoxy and other means, and Ferrite Segment Magnet material black material is rarely seen in the report. In this paper, the mechanism and method of blackening of steel are used to make a series of experimental explorations on the black film corrosion of Ferrite Segment Magnet.
First, high temperature alkali cook
    The use of steel blue process, to improve its technology, to achieve the Ferrite Segment Magnet material blackening treatment, the formation of iron oxide film. While reducing the alkali concentration from 60% to 70% to less than 30%, reducing the reaction temperature from 140 to 150 ° C to 110 to 120 ° C. High temperature alkali, high concentration, a certain degree of corrosive, sodium nitrite has a certain toxicity, 1 liter solution can only produce 0.3 square Rice products.
    Second, the selenium-like black film
    1, HH-XXX room temperature blackening agent
    HH-XXX room temperature blackening agent provided by a research institute in Changsha, the experimental process of reference to the black work instructions and Mr. Zhang Wenhui powder metallurgy black material. But according to the experimental results, its combination is not ideal. In accordance with the two process experiments, when the end of the experiment, Ferrite Segment Magnet material in the ultrasonic cleaning after a serious drop phenomenon.
    2, self-prepared room temperature blackening agent
    According to the mechanism of blackening at room temperature and the electrochemical properties of Ferrite Segment Magnet materials, I synthesized a new selenium-containing room temperature blackening agent. The new blackening agent relative to the HH-XXX room temperature blackening agent and most of the domestic room temperature blackening agent, its better binding. When the ultrasonic cleaning, HH-XXX and other room temperature blackening agent has been gray or exposed matrix, and self-prepared temperature
Ferrite Segment Magnet is made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as raw materials and is made by ceramic process. Because of its cheap raw materials, and the production process is relatively simple, so its finished product price is relatively low compared to other magnets. Ferrite Segment Magnet is the main raw material of oxide, so not subject to environmental or chemical substances (in addition to strong acid outside the impact of corrosion, so the surface does not require plating treatment. Mainly used in handicrafts, adsorption, toys, motors, speakers and so on.
Rubber magnetic is a soft and elastic magnet, it is by the Ferrite Segment Magnet particles and synthetic rubber or plastic (NBB or CPE) compound, it has a good processing performance, can be easily washed, cut, punch and roll Around processing. Size shape degree of freedom, you can choose. Rubber magnetic products are widely used in refrigerator door seals, drinking fountains door seals, magnetic books, toys, teaching, bathroom seals, relays, switches and so on.

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