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Ferrite Segment Magnet Gradually Into Life
Aug 31, 2017

Ferrite Segment Magnet gradually into life
With the increasingly stringent environmental protection measures around the world, new energy vehicles with its energy saving and environmental protection characteristics are being widely concerned. China's relevant departments in 2009 began in some areas of new energy vehicle demonstration and extension work. In this context, the domestic hybrid car into the rapid development stage.
According to third-party estimates, during the second five, the cumulative domestic hybrid vehicles will be more than 8 million. To each hybrid car about 5KG high-performance ferrite magnet permanent magnet material estimates, by 2014 hybrid vehicles on high-performance ferrite magnet demand will reach 7,500 tons.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the emerging ferrite magnet application space continues to enlarge, Ferrite Segment Magnet will be more integrated into our lives, virtually to bring us convenience, Ferrite Segment Magnet market share will continue to increase Big.
Another method for surface treatment of sintered ferrite magnet permanent magnet materials is that the surface of the material is subjected to nanocomposite electroplating n-TiO2 / Ni, i.e., where the TiO2 is a nanometer rutile TiO2 Particles or / and nanoscale anatase TiO2 particles. The corrosion resistance of the sintered NdFeB permanent magnet material is greatly improved.
Ferrite Segment Magnet are characterized by its very active molecules, it is easy to react with the oxygen in the air, in order to make it stable, play it with the energy, need to go through a long period of galvanized, can play Let it stabilize the role.
The Ferrite Segment Magnet are the strongest permanent magnets in the contemporary magnets. They have not only the characteristics of high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high performance and low cost, but also easy to be processed into various sizes. It is especially suitable for the development of high performance, miniaturization and lightening of various products in the equipment of aviation, aerospace, electro-acoustic, electromechanical, instrument, instrument and antenna, medical technology and other devices requiring permanent magnetic field The Working temperature 80 ℃ ~ 240 ℃.
The ferrite magnet permanent magnet material is the world's most magnetic permanent magnetic material, the magnetic energy product is widely used than the ferrite ten times higher than the first generation, the second generation of rare earth magnets (SmCo permanent magnet) Doubled, known as "the king of permanent magnet". Instead of using other permanent magnet materials, the volume and weight of the device can be reduced. As neodymium is rich in resources, compared with the samarium cobalt permanent magnet, iron replaced the expensive cobalt, so that the product inexpensive, which has been very widely used.
    Ferrite Segment Magnet are objects that can produce magnetic fields, a magnetic dipole, can attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metals. Pole is determined by the fine line hanging a ferrite magnet, pointing to the north of the magnetic pole is called the north pole or N pole, pointing to the south of the magnetic pole for the pole or S pole. (If the earth is to be a large ferrite magnet, the Earth's magnetic north pole is the S pole, and the magnetotelluric is the N pole.) The Ferrite Segment Magnet dissipate and multiply. Guide pole and refers to the north pole to absorb, guide pole and ferrite magnet factory guide pole repulsion, referring to the North and the North polar repulsion.
    When storing Ferrite Segment Magnet, always be very careful, because the Ferrite Segment Magnet will adsorb themselves together, may be caught fingers. The Ferrite Segment Magnet are also likely to be damaged by the collision of the Ferrite Segment Magnet themselves (collision or cornering).
The Ferrite Segment Magnet away from easy to be magnetized items such as floppy disks, credit cards, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical equipment and so on.
Ferrite Segment Magnet should be away from pacemakers. Ferrite Segment Magnet larger Ferrite Segment Magnet, should be added between each piece of plastic or cardboard gasket to ensure that the Ferrite Segment Magnet can be easily separated.
Ferrite Segment Magnet should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment.

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