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Ferrite Magnet The Importance Of Anti-corrosion Work
Oct 11, 2017

Ferrite Magnet is very easy to be corroded. Therefore, most of the finished products to be plated or painted. Conventional surface treatment includes: nickel (nickel copper and nickel), galvanized, aluminum, electrophoresis and so on. If you work in a confined environment, you can also use the way of phosphating.
Ferrite Magnet is currently widely used, the rapid development of magnet products. Ferrite Magnet from the invention to the present wide application, but also more than 20 years time. Because of its high magnetic properties and ease of processing, the price is not very high, so the application area to expand rapidly. At present, the commercialization of the Ferrite Magnet, magnetic energy product can reach 50MGOe, is ferrite 10 times.
Ferrite Magnet also belongs to powder metallurgy products, processing and samarium cobalt similar. At present, Ferrite Magnet's maximum operating temperature is around 180 degrees Celsius. If it is harsh environment applications, generally recommended no more than 140 degrees Celsius.
Ferrite Magnet's maximum magnetic energy product is 5 to 15 times the sintered ferrite, intrinsic coercivity is 5 to 10 times that of ferrite, 6 to 10 times that of alnico; the potential magnetic properties of Ferrite Magnet are very High, theoretically, its magnetic energy product can reach 527kJ / m3 (66MGOe), and even can absorb more than their own 640 times the object. Due to sintered Ferrite Magnet corrosion, its application has limitations; in high humidity, high temperature, high acid, high alkali environment applications, sintered Ferrite Magnet must be surface coating treatment, can take the coating method of plating (Zn , Ni, NiCuNi, Au, etc.), electrophoresis (epoxy), parylene, and combinations of these coatings;
Recently, with the composition and technological innovation, corrosion resistance and temperature stability have made significant improvements. However, the temperature stability of the Ferrite Magnet material is still poor, and the flux loss at high temperatures is still large.
Ferrite Magnet magnetic materials, as the latest results of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, because of its excellent magnetic properties known as the "magnetic king." Ferrite Magnet is a magnet of neodymium, iron oxide and the like. Also known as magnet steel. Ferrite Magnet has a high magnetic energy product and coercivity, while the advantages of high energy density to Ferrite Magnet permanent magnet materials in modern industry and electronic technology has been widely used, so that instrumentation, electro-acoustic motor, magnetic magnetization, etc. It is possible to miniaturize, reduce, and reduce the size of the apparatus.
Ferrite Magnet surface nickel, operating temperature of 200 degrees or less. Precision isomeric ferrite square hole rotor, radial magnetization, operating temperature of 250 degrees or less. For all kinds of electronic products. The opposite sex ferrite elliptical hole rotor, radial magnetization, operating temperature of 250 degrees or less. For electronic toys and so on. Multi-pole magnet products: multi-pole magnetization helps to improve the overall magnetism of the surface of the magnet. Generally, the technical content of the ferrite multi-pole magnetizing product is relatively low, which is easier to do, but the Ferrite Magnet has a certain Difficult, my company has strong technical strength, not only can do a variety of ferrite products, multi-pole magnet can also be Ferrite Magnet products for multi-pole magnetization. Large (long) metal combination of strong magnets, high magnetic and uniform, not broken, corrosion-resistant, etc. beyond the advantages of traditional magnets. Magnet magnetic force of up to 15,000 gauss (15000GS), the traditional magnetic bar is only in a certain range of high magnetic force, and this structure can be done in a plane magnetic force to achieve a certain value. Users can design according to the needs of various sizes and shapes, stable working temperature of 180 degrees. The longest can be done 2 meters.
Ferrite Magnet has the advantages of high cost performance and good mechanical properties. The downside is that the Curie temperature is low and the temperature characteristics are poor and easy to be pulverized. It must be improved by adjusting its chemical composition and adopting the surface treatment method, In order to achieve the practical application requirements.

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