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China's NdFeB Segment Of The Competition Will Be More And More
Oct 11, 2017

Due to the rapid development of the electronic information industry, high-frequency inductance of the components also made a higher level requirements, which also increased as the main component of inductance components - iron oxide core performance. Therefore, the NdFeB segment and core components also put forward more stringent material standards and requirements.
Throughout the past few years, the production of NdFeB Segment changes can be seen, the world NdFeB Segment of the production pattern has undergone great changes. In the coming years, neodymium and boron segment production in Japan, the United States and Western Europe will continue to maintain negative growth, but in order to take advantage of cheap labor and raw material resources in the Asia-Pacific region, enterprises in these countries have established ferrite plants in the region, and The trend of these companies to transfer their production plants to Asia is also increasing. Developed countries, a large influx of ferrite plant, is bound to further intensify the region in the NdFeB Segment production on the competition.
In addition, the development of nano-technology in the traditional magnetic industry to bring leap-forward development of the major opportunities and challenges, but also to the traditional NdFeB segment performance improved another practical method. The future development and competition is also increasingly fierce.
Now NdFeB Segment in the daily life of the practical application is still relatively common. In the market NdFeB Segment is divided into many kinds, there are NdFeB Segment, NdFeB Segment, Yong Nd iron boron section, etc., which are in the market there are some NdFeB Segment, the existence must be useful. Now the performance of NdFeB segment is still relatively good, in the practical application is still a relatively wide range of NdFeB Segment. So in the use of NdFeB Segment of the process to pay attention to what?
Working environment
First of all, when the use of NdFeB Segment must pay attention to ensure that NdFeB Segment around is a very good environment, and now NdFeB Segment in the market is still very promising, and the application is very extensive. In the NdFeB Segment of the work when the most important thing to note is clean, clean, because the environment is relatively poor place NdFeB Segment can not work properly. Because it is for those iron or small particles of things or less able to absorb live, if the working environment is poor, then the NdFeB Segment will be easy to lose the magnetic, and ultimately lead to shorten the service life, so keep the working environment Cleaning is the most important requirement for NdFeB.
2. Indoor environment
This is another important point. Under normal circumstances in the preservation of NdFeB Segment should pay attention to the indoor environment, to ensure that the indoor air flow, and can not choose the wet place for storage, be sure to choose a dry environment Caixing. NdFeB Segment is not only for the work environment requirements, but also on the indoor environment is also required. , Its indoor ambient temperature can not exceed the working temperature of NdFeB Segment, for those who have not been plated products can be properly coated with oil, which play the effect of rust. In the storage of NdFeB Segment of the time must be separated from some sensitive magnets. And the storage environment is to meet the standards.
This is the use of NdFeB in the process of the two issues need to be noted that the environment for the same product is very important, especially as NdFeB Segment of this magnetic products for the environment is good or bad comparison Sensitive, in the best environment to use to extend its service life.

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