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Causes And Avoiding Methods Of Rust In NdFeB Magnet
Sep 11, 2017

Causes and Avoiding Methods of Rust in NdFeB Magnet
NdFeB Magnet for some time after the surface will appear white or other colors of the spot, slowly develop will become rust, under normal circumstances, the plating magnet coating is not easy to rust, rust causes the following reasons are generally the following:
1. Magnet stored in the wet, poor air circulation, temperature changes in the place;
2. The dirt on the surface of the magnet before plating is not well cleaned;
3. The time of plating is not enough or the process flow problem;
4. Magnetting of the magnet caused by the sealing of the seal of the magnet;
NdFeB Magnet qualified electroplating products, under normal circumstances, magnet plating plating surface should not appear rust. NdFeB Magnet should avoid the following custody:
In the case of too wet and poor air circulation, when the temperature difference is large, even if the product is qualified for long-term storage in the harsh environment, it may produce rust. When the plating products stored in the environment harsh environment, the base layer and further reaction with the condensate, will cause the base layer and the coating of the binding force is reduced, the serious local base will also cause the powder, and then naturally from the skin. Electroplating products should not be placed in high humidity for a long time and should be placed in a cool, dry place.
After the high-strength magnetization of NdFeB Magnet, the water molecular bond is deformed at the same time angle and length, and the hydrogen bond angle decreases from 105 degrees to about 103 degrees, so that the physical and chemical properties of water change, the activity and solubility of water Greatly improved, the water in the process of decomposition of calcium carbonate generated in the lower soft calcium bicarbonate, easy to accumulate in the wall, easily taken away by water. In addition, the degree of polymerization of water is improved, and the dissolved solid matter becomes finer particles. After the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is small, and it is not easy to condense on the wall, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.
 Because of the difference in geographical environment, the mineral content of water is different, the harmful substances in water are greatly affected by our life and health. The calcium and magnesium salts in water are insoluble and affect the absorption and photosynthesis of animals and plants. A lot of practice and scientific experiments have proved that high-strength magnetization of NdFeB Magnet can change the physical properties such as surface tension, density and solubility of water. Acid and other chemical properties have a significant impact, magnetized water can increase the activity of water enzymes and biofilm permeability, regular drinking can be physical health, conditioning the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and neurological function, improve human immunity To prevent and treat a variety of diseases.
NdFeB Magnet after high-strength magnetization of water, water molecules are activated, high oxygen content: 1, often drink can increase the permeability of biofilm, reduce blood viscosity, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent thrombosis, prevention and 2, regular drinking can be physical fitness, improve human immunity, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, accelerate and promote the body's skin metabolism, commonly used to make your skin become smooth and delicate, The
 Therefore, it is particularly important to find a way to detect antimatter and dark matter! As a result, "Alpha magnetic spectrometer" came into being. "Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer" experiment by the Chinese American scientists, Nobel Prize winner Professor Ding Zhaizhong led by the United States, China, Germany, more than 10 countries and regions, many scientists participated in the research and design work. Its core part is a diameter of 1.6 meters, 1.2 meters in diameter, weighing 2 tons of NdFeB Magnet, if the use of conventional NdFeB Magnet, due to the diffuse NdFeB Magnet magnetic field and can not run in space, and The use of superconducting magnets must be run at ultra-low temperature, is not realistic, what material the most appropriate? China's scientists have proposed to fully meet the requirements of the space running NdFeB Magnet, into the "Alpha magnetic spectrometer" for its capture of antimatter and dark matter information to provide a strong magnetic force.

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