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Basic Use Of The Tile
Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent-magnet DC motor, electromagnetic motors and magnetic potential source generated by the excitation coil, permanent magnet motors are permanent magnet material constant magnetic potential sources. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has a lot of advantages, can make the motor of simple structure, easy maintenance, low weight and small size, the use of reliable, used copper less, low copper loss, low energy consumption and so on.

Tile effect on motor performance

(1) the residual magnetic flux density Br. Because under the same magnetic pole surface and air gap, Br high can produce greater torque and power output. Motor has a higher efficiency.

(2) higher Hcb. Because Hcb high in order to ensure that the EMF of the motor output required, the motor working points close to the maximum energy product, the ability to take full advantage of magnet.

(3) the Hcj. Hcj high ensures that the motor has strong overload of demagnetization resistance and aging resistance, low temperature capability.

(4) high (BH) max. (BH) Max high ferrite magnet motor coefficient of the actual operation of the work as possible.

(5) magnetic energy φ bigger is better, this would improve the efficiency of the motor.

(6) rectangular demagnetization curve, the better, the dynamic smaller losses.

(7) the higher the resistivity of ferrite magnet, Eddy current loss is smaller.

(8) ferrite temperature coefficient is small, only at high temperature with good temperature stability

(9) the starting current is small, small time constants. The impact on power supply is small.

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