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Application Of Magnetic Phenomenon Of Strong NdFeB Segment
Jun 30, 2017

Application of Magnetic Phenomenon of Strong NdFeB Segment
In the magnetic material of magnetic sources, electromagnetic induction, magnetic devices, we have mentioned some of the practical application of magnetic materials. In fact, magnetic materials have been widely used in all aspects of traditional industries.
For example, if there is no magnetic material, electrification becomes impossible, because the power generation to use the generator, the transmission to use the transformer, power machinery to use the motor, telephone, radio and television to use the speaker. Many instruments have to use the magnet coil structure. These are already talking about other content.
"Magnetic applications in the biosphere and medical community":
Pigeon lovers know that if the pigeons fly hundreds of kilometers away, they will automatically homing. Why do pigeons have such a good skill? Originally, pigeons are very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field, they can use the Earth's magnetic field changes to find their own home. If the pigeon's head is tied with a neodymium-iron-boron section, the pigeons will fly. If the pigeons fly over the radio tower, NdFeB Segment powerful electromagnetic interference will also make them lost.
In medicine, the use of nuclear magnetic resonance can diagnose the body abnormal tissue, to determine the disease, which is our more familiar with the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technology, the basic principles are as follows: the nucleus with positive electricity, and spin motion. In general, the arrangement of the nucleus spin axis is irregular, but when placed in an applied magnetic field, the spin spin space orientation changes from disorder to order. The magnetization of the spin system increases gradually from zero, and when the system reaches equilibrium, the magnetization reaches a steady value. If the nuclear spin system at this time by the outside world, such as a certain frequency of radio frequency excitation nuclei can cause resonance effect. NdFeB Segment After the stop of the RF pulse, the nucleus of the spin system has been intensified, can not maintain this state, will return to the original state of the magnetic field, while the release of weak energy, as a radio signal, the many signals detected, NdFeB Segment nd make When the spatial resolution, we get the movement of the nucleus distribution image. Nuclear magnetic resonance is characterized by the fact that the flow of liquid does not produce a signal called a flow effect or a flow blank effect. So the blood vessels are gray and white tubular structure, and the blood is no signal black. This makes the blood vessels easy to separate the soft tissue. Normal spinal cord surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid is black, and a white dura mater for the foil set off, so that the spinal cord showed a strong signal structure of white. Nuclear magnetic resonance has been applied to the imaging diagnosis of whole body systems. The best effect is the brain, and its spinal cord, heart blood vessels, joint bones, soft tissue and pelvic cavity. The cardiovascular disease can not only observe the various changes in the chamber, NdFeB Segment large blood vessels and valves, but also for ventricular analysis, qualitative and semi-quantitative diagnosis, can be used for multiple sections, high spatial resolution, showing the heart and lesions , And its relationship with the surrounding structure, superior to other X-ray imaging, two-dimensional ultrasound, nuclide and CT examination.
Magnetic can not only be diagnosed, but also can help treat the disease. Magnet is the ancient Chinese medicine blindly herbs. Now, people use the different components of blood magnetic differences to separate red blood cells and white blood cells. In addition, the magnetic field and the human body meridian interaction can achieve magnetic therapy, in the treatment of a variety of diseases have a unique role, NdFeB Segment has a magnetic pillow, magnetic therapy belt and other applications. With the NdFeB Segment made of iron can be removed in the flour and other iron may exist, magnetized water can prevent the boiler fouling, magnetized seeds to a certain extent, the crop yield.
"Magnetic applications in the fields of astronomy, geology, archeology and mining":
We already know that the earth is a huge NdFeB Segment, then, NdFeB Segment where does its magnetism come from? Is it since ancient times? What is the relationship between it and the geological situation? What is the magnetic field in the universe?

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