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Working principle and development requirements of industrial ferrite magnetic tile
Sep 15, 2017

Industrial ferrite magnetic tile have very high resistivity and permeability during their use, and is equivalent to resistance and inductance in series, but the resistance and inductance vary with frequency. He has better high-frequency filtering characteristics than ordinary inductors, exhibits resistance at high frequencies, so it can maintain a high impedance in a fairly wide frequency range, thereby improving the FM filter effect.

Industrial ferrite magnetic tile circuit symbol is the inductor but the model can be seen using the magnetic tile in the circuit function, magnetic tile and inductance is the same principle, but the frequency characteristics of different Bale, the product is mainly composed of oxygen, inductance By the core and coil composition, the magnetic beads to the AC signal into heat, the inductance of the exchange storage, slowly released.

Industrial ferrite magnetic tile are an anti-jamming component that is rapidly developing at present. It is very inexpensive and easy to use when used, and it is effective to filter out high frequency noise. As long as the wire passes through it However, when the current in the wire through the ferrite on the low frequency current almost no impedance, and the higher frequency of the current will have a greater attenuation.

Industrial ferrite magnetic tile, The high frequency current is distributed in the form of heat, and the equivalent circuit is an inductor and a resistor in series. The values of the two components are proportional to the length of the bead. Many types of beads, the manufacturer should provide technical indicators, in particular, the relationship between the impedance of the magnetic beads and the curve.

Ferrite is a magnetic material, due to excessive current through the magnetic saturation, magnetic permeability decreased dramatically. High current filter should be used specifically designed magnetic beads, but also pay attention to its cooling measures, Industrial ferrite magnetic tile can not only be used in power circuit filter out high frequency noise, can also be widely used in other circuits, the volume can be done Very small.

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