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Will the environment affect the performance of NdFeB powerful magnets?
Sep 18, 2017

From the current market point of view, magnet products include many different categories, its production materials are also varied, such as NdFeB, powerful magnets and permanent magnets and so on. The performance characteristics of these magnets in use are also different. So, when using the powerful magnets, what should we pay attention to? Will the environment affect its performance?

There are many friends are more interested in this issue, in fact, when the use of powerful magnets, its working environment is good is very important. First of all, in the course of the use, we must ensure that the cleanliness of the working environment, if the environment is poor, it is likely to affect its performance, serious, and may even lead to its loss of magnetic.

In addition, if its work environment is poor, it will seriously affect its service life. Therefore, in practical applications, we first need to ensure that the working environment clean. Another problem to be aware of is the indoor environment. This is also an important issue that we have to take into account.

In general, when storing or using powerful magnets, we need to ensure that the indoor environment is well ventilated and must be kept dry. In addition, the indoor ambient temperature must be within its operating temperature and must not exceed the standard range. And in the storage process, it is necessary to the principle of those sensitive magnets, so as not to affect its magnetic.

The above is for everyone on the environment on the strong magnet performance, we hope that we can attach importance to this problem, to protect the powerful magnets. Because the magnets of this magnetic class of products for the environment more sensitive, only to ensure that it is in a normal environment to work, to extend its service life.

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