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Why square hole magnets are so popular?
Jan 16, 2017

Square hole magnet is any good? Recommended Dongguan Bogoljub Karic magnet manufacturers. To tell you that today is why square hole so popular? Square hole magnet advantages?

Counterbore of the square hole magnet introduction why?

Clever use of sink hole since the heat sink-hole, because not a single use, supporting other components, in order to combine or fix all the required hole.

Square hole magnet advantages?

Square hole on the general basis of magnets, magnet is more upgrades. Using his unique shape feature to provide more help for people. These are people more convenient experience gained through research and development.

Square hole magnet shapes have the advantage that little hole in the middle of it, can be fixed when working with a lot of help, this is the charm of its unique square hole magnet. It is so widely used that it is because of its advantage in this category, these are advantages of square hole magnet.

Square hole magnet on the process is relatively complex, prices are slightly higher.

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