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Where is the special Round ring magnets?
Sep 20, 2017

Speaking of magnets, presumably we will not feel strange, because we often see it in life. Normally, what we call magnets generally consists of two poles in which homogeneous poles are mutually exclusive and the opposite poles are attracted to each other. And a magnet is more special, that is, Round ring magnets, such as loudspeakers, which is a lot of ring shape.

In addition to the ordinary type of magnet, this round ring magnets in addition to the structure of the different, there are other differences? First, we can divide the four faces of the round ring magnets into front, back, outer and inner sides. When we use this magnet to test, we will find a more interesting phenomenon: when the two magnets to the front or the negative side of the time, the same will appear opposite sex, homosexual repulsion of the situation.

In fact, after a lot of verification, there are a lot of friends for the round ring magnets of the Antarctic and the North Pole is very puzzled, then its south, the North will not be inside, the outside side of it? However, if this assumption is true, then then one of the magnets turn one side, why is there a mutual exclusion of the situation? Obviously this is not true.

So, where is the special round ring magnets? In order to find the answer to this question as soon as possible, we finally think we can use a small magnetic needle to determine the direction of its magnetic induction, so that you can determine the North and South Poles. After the test, we found that the North and South Poles are in fact horizontal from the middle division. This explanation, then the problems arising before the solved.

In short, unlike other shapes of magnets, Round ring magnets are inherently specific in practical applications and have different magnetization directions at the time of shipment. So, in the face of the problem, we can analyze more, more research, which can also enhance the ability to solve the problem.

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