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Where can the strong magnet be used?
Nov 06, 2017

Magnet, as a representative of the third generation rare earth permanent magnet, because of the high functional price ratio, is widely used in power, traffic, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries. Especially with the development of information technology, it brings the development opportunities for the rare earth permanent magnetic industry. The strong magnets are just one of them.


Although there are many kinds of magnets, the strong magnet has become the current best magnets with best functional price ratio because of its small size, light weight and strong magnetism.


In the production process of strong magnets, the initial shape is the blank, and later according to customer requirements can be processed different shapes, and then get different products, including round magnet, round ring magnet, square magnet, punch magnet, trapezoidal magnet, concave-convex magnet, racetrack magnet and some irregularly shaped magnet.


According to the different magnetic energy product function, the magnetic force of the strong magnets can reach is different, so that the products with different magnetic force are used in different products, making the strong magnet become the primary supporting products of various electronic products. Whether consumer goods, industrial products or national defense industrial products, are inseparable from strong magnets.


We all know that the magnetism of strong magnets is strong, especially the large block of strong magnets, so that the direct use is easy to hurt people, so sometimes the strong magnets will be used after demagnetization treatment. The method is very simple, which only needs to put strong magnets on the fire for a period of time.


The principle is that the strong magnet is magnetic because the iron atoms in the strong magnets are arranged regularly. However, when it is heated, the original arrangement of the iron atoms will be disrupted, thus losing the original magnetism, thereby demagnetizing the strong magnets.


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