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What kind of magnetic tile is the black servo motor magnetic tile?
Feb 04, 2019

Black servo motor magnetic tile is a kind of magnet with permanent magnetic pole and magnetic field strength. It must be glued when it is installed. There are many types of glue, such as KR high temperature resistant series glue, AB glue and so on. The reason why the black servo motor magnetic tile is chosen instead of the electromagnetic tile is that the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic tile in a limited current and limited space is not necessarily stronger than the permanent magnet.


The U/V/W three-phase electric motor controlled by the servo drive forms an electromagnetic field, and the rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field. At the same time, the encoder feedback signal of the motor is supplied to the driver, and the driver compares the feedback value with the target value to adjust the rotation of the rotor. Angle, the accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the accuracy of the encoder.


In order to prolong the service life of the black servo motor magnetic tile, the servo motor should avoid the entry of oil and water when working. The servo motor is not fully waterproof and should not be placed in water or oil in the environment. When connecting to the reduction gear, the user should take care to prevent the oil from the reduction gear from entering the motor. Note that the cable is exposed to oil and water.



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