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What is the role of the magnetic section of a DC motor?
Jan 23, 2019

The magnetic segment of the DC motor plus the wire passing through it is equivalent to increasing the inductance of the wire. The magnetic section of the DC motor has a high loss factor, which can convert high-frequency electromagnetic energy into thermal energy by eddy current, thereby suppressing the passage of high-frequency signals, and belongs to the loss filter class.


The magnetic section of a DC motor absorbs and consumes the energy of a high-frequency signal, which can be understood as an anti-jamming effect. DC motor magnetic section specifications are many, according to the material of the magnetic segment, ferrite magnetic ring, iron powder core, amorphous, etc., a material can be divided into different shapes.


In addition, the magnetic segment of the same DC motor, the number of turns of the wire will also affect the effect. When the motor is loaded, a current flows through the armature winding. In the magnetic circuit of the motor, a magnetomotive force is formed. This magnetomotive force is called the armature magnetomotive force. Therefore, the air gap magnetic field at the time of load will be established by the interaction of the field magnetomotive force and the armature magnetomotive force.



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