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What is the role of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile?
Dec 27, 2017

The so-called permanent magnet motor magnetic tile, in fact, refers to a permanent magnet. From the application point of view, the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is mainly used for permanent magnet motor, which belongs to a tile-shaped magnet. In practical applications, it is obviously different from the electromagnetic potential generated by the electromagnetic motor through the excitation coil. This is because the permanent magnet motor generates the constant magnetic potential source by the permanent magnetic material.


In comparison, the use of such permanent magnet motor when the magnetic tile, with more obvious advantages. The utility model not only can make the motor simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, light in weight and small in size, and greatly improves the performance of the motor; meanwhile, the amount of copper material is reduced, the copper consumption is reduced, and the energy consumption is small. Due to different practical applications, so its requirements for performance and magnetic field waveforms are also different.


For example, in the field of rotors, due to the more stringent requirements of its outer arc surface field, and the basic requirement of the waveform is a sine wave. As the stator is mainly in accordance with the motor output requirements, sparks and noise of different requirements to choose from. Normally, the internal arc table height of a permanent magnet motor for a stator is also determined by its own shape and production characteristics.


In most cases, we see that the waveform of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is saddle-shaped, and this waveform output larger, but the spark noise, no-load current. Therefore, in order to improve the vibration and noise as much as possible, to change the spark, reduce the no-load current, then the shape and size of the magnet and mold design needs careful design.


So far, different thickness of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile has been in the actual production area has been more widely used. The main principle of this method is to make the inner arc arc air-gap magnetic field waveform of the motor trend to the flat top wave. In particular, NdFeB permanent magnet motor magnetic tile in the field of high-power synchronous motor and generator is very common.


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