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What is the permanent magnet tile? What are its applications?
Dec 04, 2017

The permanent magnet tile is a branch of the permanent magnet. Due to its own characteristics, the current product is mainly used for the tile magnet on the permanent magnet motor. In fact, there are a large number of  spontaneous magnetizations in the ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic materials under the Curie temperature. Because the arrangement between them is relatively disorderly, if not magnetized, the whole  magnetic torque is zero.


In real life, we call these small areas as magnetic tiles. In fact, in the permanent magnet tile, there is a strong " exchange coupling" effect between adjacent electrons. In other words, in the absence of external magnetic field, their spin magnetic moment will be arranged in a small area, so as to form a spontaneous magnetization small area, that is, the magnetic tile.


Because of the characteristics of permanent magnet tile, people mainly use it in the permanent magnet DC motor. In comparison, the motor and electromagnetic motor made of this kind of magnetic shoe are different from the magnetic potential source through the excitation coil. The former mainly produces a constant magnetic potential source with permanent magnetic material. Therefore, in the practical application, it shows a great advantage, not only can simplify the structure of the whole motor, but also make the motor lighter and smaller.


In addition, when the permanent magnet tile is used for all kinds of permanent magnet DC motor, it can further enhance the overall performance of the motor, reduce the amount of copper and have low energy consumption. At present, in installation, two installation methods can be used.


Usually, the installation method is mainly determined according to the use requirements of the permanent magnet tile. For example, if it is low speed, then use AB glue to splice. If used for high speed motor, after bonding,  stainless steel set is also used to fix.



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