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What is the magnetic tile and how to magnetize?
Jun 30, 2017

On the magnetic tile, it may be very strange to it, so the following, may wish to carry out this study and understanding, so that we can have a preliminary understanding, rather than ignorant. At the same time, through this study, you can also broaden their knowledge and increase the expertise in this area, so why not do it!

Magnetic tile,which in this article, mainly refers to a permanent magnet in the tile-like magnet, that is, it is used in the permanent magnet motor, mainly in the permanent magnet DC motor. In addition, the use of permanent magnetic tile instead of electric excitation, there are many advantages, such as the motor structure is simple, weight reduction, smaller volume, and also can improve the use of motor reliability and safety performance, energy consumption , Can also be effectively reduced.

Magnetic tiles of the magnetic way, the specific terms, it is mainly in three ways, is:

Way one: magnetic tile alone magnetizing. And then into the chassis, then, is the overall assembly.

Tile type permanent magnet ferrite.jpg

In this way, the surface is remnant, but its magnetization is convenient, and also has a high production efficiency. In addition, we also need to know is that it is open-circuit magnetization. However, compared with the closed-circuit magnetization, its magnetic flux density is affected, so, than the closed-circuit magnetization of the magnetic flux to be lower.

Way two: magnetic tile into the chassis, wait until after bonding, and then magnetizing, then, again the overall assembly.

This way, either inside the red, it can be outside the red, but its use of magnetic tile or magnetic ring, you need to first Xining bonding and drying, so that can be used. Also, it belongs to the closed-circuit magnetization, and the resulting magnetic flux density is also very high. However, it is also a matter of concern, mainly for the motor assembly, the need for the use of special tooling, otherwise, prone to magnetic crushing and other issues.

Way three: magnetic tile into the chassis, and then assembled a good product, and then the overall magnetization.

If this is the case, then, mainly in the use of small motor, although the assembly is simple and convenient, but not convenient for magnetic inspection. And it is also a closed-circuit magnetization. It should be noted that, in the overall magnetization, the carbon brush and rotor winding should be in an open state, so as to avoid the phenomenon of ignition and other phenomena.

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