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What are the benefits of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile for the motor?
Jan 19, 2018

Permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor, and the electromagnetic motor magnetic excitation source through the excitation coil is different from the permanent magnet motor permanent magnetic material is a constant magnetic potential source. In contrast, the permanent magnet motor to replace the magnetic excitation of magnetic tile has many advantages. Overall, the motor structure can be made simple, easy maintenance, light weight, small size, reliable use, low copper consumption, energy consumption and other small.


First of all, the overall structure of the motor can be simplified. This fact is mainly to be with the special features of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile itself. Therefore, at present, many motors have been optimized in structure after using such a magnetic tile, so that the overall structure of the motor is more simple and clear.


Second, it provides greater convenience for motor maintenance. On the one hand because it simplifies the motor structure, so when it will be more convenient maintenance. On the other hand is that even if failure occurs, but also can be more easily completed the demolition and installation, easy maintenance.


Third, making the performance of the motor more stable and reliable, which has also been recognized by the majority of user friends. And the use of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile can make the motor fully demonstrated in performance and function, and better serve people.


Fourth, the economic advantages are even more obvious. This is because the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile not only can fully improve the performance of the motor, but also in practical applications can significantly reduce the amount of copper material, and can reduce the motor energy consumption, which has a better performance in the economy.


Combined with the above description can be learned that the permanent magnet motor for the motor magnetic tile is a very important part, not only effectively improve the performance of the motor, but also for practical applications to create more favorable conditions.


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